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Annabelle Come and Go

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I am both excited and sad at the same time with this post and you'll know why soon enough.

Based on the tittle, you'd probably guess already that I am talking about products that Annabelle decided to discontinue (we are talking end of February, early March) and products that they will be releasing soon (first week of March). So if you are a fan of the brand or want to try it out, keep reading!

First, the famous Custom Quads and its accompanying mono shadows. Aren't they fun and exciting?

The quad on the left has discontinued colours:
- left side: Graffi and B-Ray
- right side: Vivid Violet and Chlorine.

The quad on the right has upcoming colours:
- left side: Helium and Nymphet
- right side: Pinked and Toxic Garden.

I did some swatches for you in the 2 pictures below, in the exact order listed above. Note that all swatches are wet, no base, with a little heavy to show up in camera with flash.

My thoughts:
- If you haven't owned Graffiti and B-Ray, get them now before they are gone for good. They are not part of the 12 basic colours that most Shoppers have, so you'll have to look a little harder. I couldn't find them around here already, FYI.
- Helium can work well as a highlighter colour for some, depending on your skin tone.
- Pinked is a gorgeous crease colour, or even lid colour if you want a bold look.
- The rest is more on the sheer side, so find tester if you can before making a purchase.

And the trios are also up for "Come and Go" this time.

On the left are the discontinued: Amazon and Holy Smoke.

On the right are the 2 new releases: Grafix (for smoky looks) and Blue Hue (for those who are a fan of blues).

I like the idea of trios as we can build a good look with just 1 pan instead of carrying around multiples. We can see how the swatch test shows.

Top row is the 3 colours of Grafix, from the lightest to the darkest. The silver looks only a little darker than the white, similar finish. The black is not bad but the consistency could be a little better. Can't beat Graffiti in my book, unfortunately.

Bottom row is Blue Hue. My fav is the middle aqua colour. In the pan, I was originally more impressed with the dark blue shade but it didn't swatch as well as the aqua. Still a good crease colour though. I'd love to dab the aqua in the middle of the lids for a pop of colour and build the navy above it on the crease. The lightest colour is for inner corners. I don't normally rock blue colousr but have to admit, all in all, this is a good trio.

I am so happy to have a chance to try out all these goodies. Some oldies are still goodies, and some newbies are great additions to our makeup stash. I wish Graffiti could stick around as a permanent colour, as it is the BOMB :-) I wasn't into dark shades when it was around, so I totally missed out then. I'll hang on tight to it now, lol.

Hope this is helpful for you guys. Do you see a favorite?


  1. Hello! I received some old and new producs to try, and my opinion of them is similar to yours, I think. I've been disappointed with how sheer Helium and Toxic Garden are, as I thought their formula would have been improved, like they did with the trio eyeshadow (the new ones are way more pigmented than the old ones). I'm not really into blue, but I LOVE Grafix (=

  2. You know what makes me sad? Almost all blogger tutorials for eyeshadow application are for caucasian eyes. I have no idea how to wear eyeshadow.

  3. Gaby, Annabelle is so awesome with bloggers huh :-) Great that you like Grafix.

    PerryPie, lots of my fav youtube gurus are Asian - Michelle Phan, Pursebuzz, Temptalia, xteeener... Check out their tutorials :-)

  4. Oh my! Graffiti is beautiful. I need to take a look at that one as well.

  5. Yep, Arianne, Graffiti is a hit to me