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Vasanti Go Canada!

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

If you are in Canada, you would probably heard quite a bit about the Vancouver Winter Oplympics. It is a bit over 20 days away, and lots of people are getting ready - either competing in it or watching it :-)

While browsing the net, I saw Vasanti Go Canada! Eye & Lip Palette, totally Olympics-inspired. Wanna see for youself?

You'll have a chance to "achieve" all 3 best medals - Gold, Silver and Bronze (as eyeshadows) and the spirit of Canada flag (as a shimmery white highlighter and a sheer red lip tint). Don't you think this is an awesome idea? Go Canada!

Vasanti is a brand that I starting seeing more often in blogs and on twitter. I once fell for their USA lipstick, a gorgeous red. I'm excited to see a Canadian makeup brand doing well in the market but hope that they would be more accessible around here. Would you get this palette if it's sold where you live? It retails for CAD40 at certain Shoppers.

And while you're there, check out their Shimmer Powders in Arctic Shimmer and Snowflake, CAD14 each.

Within this month, Vasanti will donate 100% proceeds of these 2 shades to Wear White 4 Winfall - the new clothing and basic needs bank for the needies in Toronto. Good cause!

This is not a sponsored post, as Vasanti doesn't even know who I am, lol. I'm just excited about their palette and think it's sweet that they are contributing in some charity work.

Go Canada!

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  1. I love that and I totally want it! I don't care that I'm not Canadian.

  2. Great post! I live in Toronto and am glad to see interest in Vasanti outside of Canada :)
    I just posted about the WW4W Shimmer Powders:
    I'd be interested to know your thoughts if you try them!

  3. Sorry I meant "interest all over Canada" not "outside" :P

  4. Mighty Lambchop, the product is sure for everyone, lol. It's just that I'm not sure Vasanti is available outside Canada

    Rock that Look, yeah, I saw your look with the shimmers. There's only 1 Shoppers here that has Vasanti, and selection is minimal. I don't even know they'll have the shimmer powders