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NYX $1 Galore Sale

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

NYX has been tweeted since yesterday for its 10-day Dollar Paradise Sale, and it is on now.

You have quite a lot of selections to choose from:

Eyes: eyeshadow singles (and 4 trios), pencils (not the jumbo ones), false lashes, etc.

Lips: round lipsticks, jumbo liners, mega shine lipglosses, etc.

Nails: only 10 colours.

And more...

I like this sale better, as you have the option to choose the colours, and don't have to buy them in a pre-determined bulks. The deal is good for 10 days (till January 25).

Experience from last time: an order from their bulk sale would cost me $60 shipping. This time, I added 10 single shadows just to check shipping cost, and it was $34 to ship :-) Your best bet, Canadian ladies, would be asking a friend in the US for a CP. I love NYX but can't understand their online shipping cost.

Note: The picture above is the trios I owned from their previous sale (yes, a CP from the US).


  1. *thud* I just fell over after looking at your shipping fee to CA. OMG that is INSANE!! I can't think of one beauty brand in the world that's worth that rate. I'm so sorry! :(

  2. Yes, R, it's bizzare. That's why we have to buy NYX in a very few drugstores here with a lot higher price - as it's still cheaper than paying hefty shipping cost on NYX website.