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NOTD: Gosh Ocean

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Squirt and I spent Friday night at my friend's house, having a "sleepover". She just moved back from Calgary, so we had a lot to talk about. Squirt was busy with pizza, popcorn and "Ige Age 3", so it was a relaxing night for all :-) We went shopping yesterday morning, so I have a little haul to blog about soon.

When we got home, I went to change my nail polish right away, as I wanted something more fun for the weekend.

Gosh is a new brand to my nail polish stash, just because I always thought they are more expensive... until I found them for CAD6 a bottle.

I pick Ocean today, as I want something different than green. Golden Dragon is gorgeous, but I would save it for NOTD another time.

Love turquoise/ teal-ish colour and the foil like finish. The colour changes from light to dark depending on the angle the light hits the nails, which is quite fun.

The brush was a bit smaller than what I'm used to, and the cap is round, so it took a bit to make the polish work the way I wanted. But I'm happy with the final look :-)

Hope everyone has a good weekend.


  1. love the colour! makes me wish summer was here...

  2. i just bought 2 gosh polishes :D can't wait to try them on!

  3. I love the colour!
    And I love how you posted about the cap and the brush being wonky to apply with, cause I probably would of never thought of that effecting my polish application. Kudos!

  4. What a fun colour! I do not have a GOSH nailpolish. I agree, I prefer the larger style brushes. Still sounds like fun!

  5. S, you can always have summer on your nails and clothes :-)

    eternalmi, which shades did you get? Do you like them?

    Arezu, I'm so used to China Glaze cap and brush that anything smaller would give me a hard time :-) And don't blame yourself for a not so great application, as it's all in the brush, lol

    Bcteagirl, thanks hon. I love experimenting different brands (hence different brush sizes) :-)

  6. nice color but chips fast! hate that ;(

  7. Styleezta, I hate that too. Don't know it was my application or the polish itself though, lol. I'll experimenting other colours of the brand to find the answer