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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

How did your weekend go? Me, I was hauling a few accessessories from different places. Please skip the post if you are not interested :-)

The 2 wide black elastic bells are from the day market, to pair with the bulky plaid shirts I bought before my trip. I like the shirt style but without a belt, they look huge on me :-)

I also jumped on the animal print train with a belt, love it! They even custom fit it for me. And I even found a pair of earrings to match it, lol. It was from a little Korean jewelry shop that my sis found. The owner handpicked the pieces herself on trips to Korea and shipped them back, so prices were more reasonable.

The other earrings on the right hand are white wired cubes, dangling style. I just thought they are cute to pair with a LBD. Click the picture to enlarge.

Also from the same shop, but with a Christmas sale offer a day or two later, we got some more earrings and necklaces - split between me and my sis.

I'm loving the fun designs of Korean jewelry, just for days that I need a little cheer-me-up push.

It's funny how easy a piece of jewelry could change our mood.

Purse and handbag. I was looking for a small purse that could fit my essentials without being too chunky to carry around, and found the red one. The 2 side pockets is a plus too.

I do love the current big bag trend, but I'm tiny to wear them myself. It's a shame if you can't see me, only see the bag I carry, lol.

The colourful knitted bag is from my mom. It's a little bigger than the purse but cute. Like the wooden handle and the colours on it. Very Asian looking, don't you think?

I got a few pairs of work pants and jeans. They fit me better over here (as I'm a shortie), and mom is great at fixing the length too. Still looking for some ripped up jeans, to keep up with the trend :-) Also found Daiso, a Japanese chain that offers everything for the same price (CAD2 level) but the variety can't beat what you guys have in the US. Didn't get anything.

My second pair of shoes I bought here. So sad that I couldn't find more that I liked. It's hot here, so most people wear flats and sandals.

These ones were nothing fancy, just what I had in mind. The heels weren't too high either, so I could wear them, lol.

For work shoes, I might have to do some boxing day shopping when I get back to Canada after Christmas.

I haven't bought any makeup on this vacation which is a surprised. I saw Etude, VoV, Boujois, The Face Shop but can't make up my mind, and pricing isn't that great. Have you got any great deals?


  1. That is some nice weekend hauling you did, girl! Those shoes are cute :)

  2. Oh my! Are you in Korea?? I'd go with a product haul of Etude House. Never tried any [and I'm not Korean either. FYI] but I've seen their comercials and they're soooo cute! Youtube 'em and you'll see why.

    Quality-wise, I read a review by Kenoki and her mom picked up a few EH goodies. Most were hits, one was a miss but I'd say, go for it!

  3. Shop N' Chomp, thanks hon. I'm happy with it too :-)

    Shela, no I'm not in Korea. It's the shop owner who went to Korea to haul her stuff and brought them back to sell. And Etude does have some counters around here at the supermarket. I might venture out with this brand, don't know yet :-) Thanks for commenting