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Off to the beach

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

It's midnight here, I'm packing to head to the beach with my family tomorrow. It takes a few hours to get there, so we are staying over night and come back Sunday night.

I always try to go to the beach at least once everytime I come home, like a little getaway. The city is way too busy and intense, so it's nice to relax and enjoy the ocean. I don't mean to brag or anything, as believe it or not, being on vacation doesn't mean I don't have things to worry about. I do need to learn to let things go once in a while. And I'm already stressed out about coming back to the winter, without my bf (he'll be away for Christmas until mid January). Vacation while on vacation, sounds funny huh?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. And be noted that my Balmshell giveaway ends today (Friday) at midnight ADT. It opens for everyone.


  1. I wish I would be somewhere on the beach...
    Have a nice time there :)

  2. Thanks ladies! I'm lucky to be able to go :-)