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NOTD: Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Too eager to try out my Toronto goodies, I chose Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow to start with.

I was taken back by the cream finish when I saw the bottle, but I went ahead with it anyway, as I love yellow and this was such a lovely yellow. And it was very tricky to apply, as expected.

I did 3 coats and still wasn't happy with how it looked on my nails - streaky and uneven. Didn't want to remove it from my nails, so I used glitters to cover it.

Sally Hansen Strobe Light came to the rescue, in terms of finish, but it was kinda late for 3 overly thick coats of yellow. I gotta learn how to work with cream polishes, otherwise, this fun bottle (and more cream shades) would be wasted.

Do you have better luck with creams? What are you tips and tricks? I'd love to know.


  1. That is such a pretty pale yellow colour, it's beautiful!

    I love cream finish polishes, but they can be tricky to apply, especially since it's a lighter colour. I don't have any tips, I usually just give up and top it with a clear top coat and have no one look too close at my nails :P

  2. Wow, what a bold colour! I'm quite new nail polishes -just ordered my first cream finish from Zoya. Hope you share any tips from your readers.

  3. Arezu, yeah, this colour is awesome. I hate to see it appears bad on my nails.

    Babybubblz, Zoya ships to Canada? Let me know how the colours turn out for ya

  4. i think i know first u make the first layer thin and let it dry then do the same once or twice more to make it look darker.Cause i have the same nail polish and i did that and it came out looking great.BTW I LOVE THE COLOUR.wats funny is my teacher hates yellow nail polish cause she thinks it makes her look like a smoker,cause smokers have yellow nails.LOL!!!!!

  5. shivam123, thanks for your comment. I might try to give layers more time to dry next time, but I'm scared of creams now, lol.

    All polishes make the nails look yellow (at different levels), not just the yellow polish right? lol

  6. no problem and yea all polishes do lol!!!!!