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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

How's everyone's weekend? Mine was busy. Squirt wasn't feeling too well, but I had to do some last minute shopping for my family, so we were at the mall for an hour.

I got my sister a Fruits & Passion massage oil in Grapefruit - Guava for 40% off (the coupon is in my Weekly flyer deals post, still good until the end of the month). The little booklet in the picture is their Holiday catalogue.

I'm always a big fan of guava, both the fruit and how it smells. Adding grape fruit, itt smells so good. I was looking for a gift set with this scent (as gift sets are always of better value) but they didn't have any.

Urban Behaviour was having F&F, 50% off regular prices. I got 2 scarves, CAD5 each, really like the colours. They were the last one in their styles in store when I found them. Also found the very cute gold necklace with a golden flower, some pearl-like beads, for CAD6.50.

If you are looking for some cheap buys, the F&F sale is still going on until the end of the day tomorrow.

We ended the trip with a quick dinner at Salvatore, one of the best pizza places in town. They were celebrating the 15th anniversary, so the prices were brought back to 1994's ($3 less for pizzas and $1 less for almost everything else). I loved the idea :-)

Their pizzas had some intersting topping options I hadn't seen anywhere else. It was my first time there, so I was a bit adventurous. We got 2 specialty pizzas - the Clam Pie Marinato (which was full of chopped baby clams, basil and garlic, with cornmeal on the edge), and the Pizza Miguel (garlic, onion, mushroom). We found the garlic was a bit too much, and toppings were very generous. The bf said maybe less would be more in this case :-) I liked the food, but maybe next time we went for the originals, so we could pick our own toppings.

I spent some time getting the stuff I bought to bring home ready for packing. I'm a pack rat, buying stuff and put them somewhere then couldn't remember where when I needed it. It was frustrating, lol, and packing didn't go so well for that reason. Squirt still has a temperature, don't know whether I'll have to stay home tomorrow. So much to do, so little time!


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