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NOTD: Claire's Liberty & China Glaze Nova

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Remember how excited I was to finally owned Claire's 3-in-1 polishes? Well, one failed, sorry to report.

When I got Liberty (pink/ white/ blue), it was already mixed up a little inside the bottle. The 3 layers weren't clearly separated, but I thought they would eventually anyway.

The thing is the brush isn't long enough to touch the blue colour at the bottom, and as a result, I could only get the pink at the top. As I painted to the 7 and 8th nails, there was a bit of white coming up with the pink, but not noticeable on the nails.

I would say this is a convenience of packaging, have 3 colours in 1 bottle but I wouldn't expect the mixing effect or any miraculous colour appeared on the nails.

On the positive side, the pink is intense and smooth, opaque after 1 coat. By itself, it doesn't really work well with my skin tone, so I added China Glaze Nova, the silver glitters that shine many colours of the rainbow. Together, it's a cool manicure. The blurr picture is to show the bling.

I'm loving my nails this weekend! What do you have on your nails?


  1. China Glaze's FYI...

  2. Really nice idea for Claire's! I love the way you nails turned out very fairy-like. :) x

  3. Thanks for the award hun! :D I <3 your blog too! The diff colors is such a cool concept, I have nothing on my nails right now hehe, I just haven't had time to put anything on, booo :(

    And thanks for commenting! You know, I actually got the idea to buy the Revlon creme shadows and the Sonia Kashuk brush from xteeener. Sad to say that while they work for her, they just don't work for me and I've tried to use the creme shadows in many different ways hoping to get different outcomes. I think everybody's results with the creme shadows are different because I definitely know a friend who said they don't crease on her, it's probably the shape of our eyes. hehehe! The brush REALLY sucks, I know she rec-ed the entire line, but this brush in particular is really bad, I don't know if she's ever tried all the brushes in the whole line. The blush brush from the same line is good, so I think it's hit or miss - then again it's all hit or misses with everything haha

  4. after your 1st post on 10 for 10, I kept looking around...
    and im happy to report that I FINALLY scored :)
    Actually couldn't stop hoarding the polish...
    (though I regret buying so many of them) I couldn't help it, plus I got the cute rose earrings that you got..(or at least i believe it was you...must recheck that post XD)

  5. VampiressDoll, thanks hon :-)

    Becks, I do my nails very late at night too, when I'm half asleep. It never seems to be a good time to do nails. Yay for xteener's fan :-) I guess you're right, products work differently on different people

    rasilla, great you found the polishes (it's very rare here). Post up the pics, will ya?

  6. i had that on last weeek! but a different hot pink, i love it :) and a navy blue under nova looks awesome too (what i'm wearing right now) i can't wait till sally's has another sale :)

  7. Gee xo, sadly there wasn't any sale on ChG at Sally this month. And I'm away for most of December, don't know I'm gonna miss a sale there or not :-)