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Nail polish on Cherry Culture

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I saw the 20% off promotion from Cherry Culture from the weekend, thinking I don't have anything to buy from them.

Until today, I found out on twitter that they have Milani Black Magic polishes - from the drop down menu of shade names, the last 6 colours. $4.49 isn't really the best price, but after discount it would be the same US drugstore price, I guess ($3.59).

I always wanted to have these black bottles after seeing Steph's swatches. I don't really care it's not Halloween anymore, I'm just on a polish kick.

Shipping would start from $6.95 (no free shipping offer for outside US). Do you guys think I should get them?

Also found these Kleancolor polishes on sale from $2.50 to $.99 ($.79 after discount).

I have seen swatches of a few shades of this brand and was intrigued. Again, haven't seen them around here.

The sale is over midnight today, so I need some advice ASAP please. If you have used these brands, please let me know your thoughts about the polishes, or your suggestions of shades. Is Cherry Culture's customer service good (packing, shipping, etc.)? Never shopped with them before.

I hate impulsive purchases, but always end up making one, lol.

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  1. I actually was looking at these yesterday and put a few in my cart after looking for swatches. However, I convinced myself not to since I have so many other ones already. Also, many of the ones I really wanted to try were OOS or not listed there at all. I only like 8 in my cart and didn't want to pay shipping haha!

  2. Kitty, I didn't end up ordering either. I love nail polishes though, can't have enough of them :-)