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IMATS - first half day

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

It was a long day today, but an interesting day indeed. IMATS was fun, as a chance to see some hard-to-find (to me) brands, see the MUA students in actions, the gurus, the classes, and fellow bloggers.

I didn't get to the show until almost 2pm, but could feel the exciment in the building. There were a little fewer than I expected, as booths were a bit small and close together. However, the ladies managed to get what they came to the show for, so they were happy.

It could be a bit better if more brands decided to offer discount at the show instead of just showing the products (Ben Nye), or selling them full price with the display smaller than one at Sears or the Bay (NARS). MUFE, Crown Brush and OCC seemed to be the most popular and certain products were sold out quite quick. So if you know exactly what you want, get to the show early and line up to get them.

I didn't have a chance to visit the Canadian brands (FACE atelier, CoverFX or Yaby), as I was busy spending time with other bloggers. They were there since the morning, so they had done their part of shopping already :-) IMATS was such a nice opportunity for makeup lovers to get together, shop and chit chat.

One interesting find: around 3pm, Crown Brush was trying to getting rid of the last few 88 palettes and the mixed palettes of blushes and shadows (reg. $15 at the show) by selling them for $10 (the ones with broken shadows or hinges were $5). If I didn't already got 2 palettes from Coastal Scents, I definitely get a palette or two.

There were supply stores selling Ben Nye, Mehron palettes, empty palettes for shadows and blushes, etc. There wasn't any noticeable discount though, as you could probably imagine already.

I sat at Koren's class about pigments, with Elessa as the model, it was very cute of them together. They were very friendly when we came up to talk to them after the show. Love them! We saw the student competition too, interesting.

The food at the show was overpriced, so if you plan to stay all day, it wouldn't hurt to pack some lunch - healthier and more wallet friendly. After the show, I hung out with the bloggers, and 2 of us ended up going to the mall checking out a few things, and had a fun dinner. I really enjoyed the time at the show with you all ladies. Lovely to meet all of you. Appology for my creasing shadow, I didn't check myself in the mirror until I got home, lol. I didn't use my regular primer on the lids, and it showed, embarassing!

I am still not sure I want any MUFE to show up first thing at the show to line up. What to do?


  1. What? TBH I didn't notice any problem with your eyeshadow. If anything I was constantly on thinking in my head of dupes I might have for the colour! Don't worry! :D

    Nice summary of events! It was super fun hanging out with you all. I really wish I could have stayed longer for dinner. Where did you eat?

  2. Aww, that was sweet of you :-)

    It was awesome for me to meet you all as well. We went to a Korean restaurant. The food was good, and I enjoyed the conversation. Sorry that you couldn't come. Maybe next time :-)

  3. Like blu3, I also didn't notice any creasing with your beautiful turquoise eyeshadow =P

    I should've waited around for that palette deal =) I would've got my 4 for the price of 1!

    Have a great trip.

  4. Yay, so I got away with that eye makeup of mine? Lol.

    Funny enough, there wasn't any palette deals on Sunday, I guess they sold them all on Saturday. And there wasn't any announcement or sign, we were just right around the booth by accident and overheard it, lol. Good deal indeed but I didn't get any, how crazy was I? :-)