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NOTD: Essie Delicacy

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

After the long weekend of glittery nails, I reached for Essie Delicacy for the week.

This is my very bottle of Essie, I was hoping for a pale pink that is work appropriate. It just becomes a little hard to choose colours for work, as I bought too many bottles of bright/ summery colours :-). I'd blame China Glaze and Sally Hansen for that, lol.

Application was good, but 3 coats and it's still sheer. I would doubt that the 4th coat could change that. Probably that's the risk of going for a light colour, but with regular price of CAD8-10/ bottle, I expect a little more from Essie than this.

I know it's not the same coverage for all Essie colours, but it's the first one I tried. I got this one on sale, so it isn't too bad, but I really hope the other one I got would be better. Come on Essie!

It is freezing here today, temperature early in the morning was 2. Frost warning is on for tonight, no fun at all. Oh well, at least we had 2 sunny days for Thanksgiving. Hope you have fun coming back to work/ school :-)


  1. they tend to take a few coats...always...
    especially with the lighter colours.
    I found that the wear is decent, but it just doesn't seem worth it to put on 3 coats, and still have it to come out that sheer.
    but their colours are quite nice.

    Ack! Frost warning >_<

  2. awww it sucks you got such a sheer one (and we won't even know until we try it on?!)! I have one, I forgot the color - Ballet slippers or something like that? two coats and its pretty good. I don't like sheer ones either, it makes my nails look dirty for some reason. lol

  3. See, that's is exactly why I love bright/stronger colours cause they are opaque after 2-3 coats. I hate showing the VNL

    Yep, frost warning tonight. How fun, lol...