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elf is coming to Canada

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Omg, today must be a day for good news.

The words on twitter: elf is coming to Zellers November 1. It was just a day or two ago when they announced the line coming to Target in the US which excited so many fans. Now it's our turn, Canadians!!!

Now you don't have to stalk Winners, hoping to find a few sets of lip glosses or eye makeup leftovers from who knows where. No details on what will be offered at Zellers, but we'll take it, right? I'm normally more of a Walmart person than Zellers, but I wouldn't mind check out the store in November, lol. Are you excited?


  1. I am excited...but...don't want to be tooo excited until I see prices.
    Though I wouldn't mind picking up a few shadows XD
    OMG your posts are KILLING me today! lol

  2. wow this is awesomee!!! when is hard candy coming to walmart in canada?

  3. omg can't wait! i highly doubt it's going to be $1 though =( I want stuff from their studio line!

  4. I don't mind if they raise their price just a "little". It's already bad enough ELF shipping is $14/$15... lol

    I hope their Studio Line, Minerals, and Skin/Lotions are included. I love those items

  5. Wow! I hope everything is still a dollar, anddddd I hope they have a good selection of products, including the new studio line!

    Thanks for sharing this! (:

  6. I swear if prices are ramped up, especially since the dollar is almost at par, i will be a very upset consumer :p

  7. Looks like everybody loves elf Studio Line :-) It certainly is an advantage to have them in store to save the high shipping cost. Let's cross our fingers for not much of a difference in price!

    I did try to contact Hard Candy on twitter but didn't hear back from them, so I don't have info about when Canada will have it :-)

  8. I've read that the lovely ladies (& gents) in the US won't be getting the Studio line until March 2010. Is there any word about that for us Canadians? I cannot wait. I really can't.

  9. elf didn't answer my tweets, so I have no info about what will be coming to Zellers, but we'll know soon enough. A few more weeks :-)