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Victoria's Secret is coming!!!

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Omg, guys, I'm overly excited. I was reading Metro today on the way home, and a little headline caught my eyes: Victoria’s Secret coming to Canada !!!!

I don't really care about their fancy underwear and bras (well, they have some nice stuff once in a while, lol) but I do CARE about Victoria's Secret makeup.

I have been cursing online shopping at VS website so much, as the shipping and handling (and whatever it is on top of that) always came out quite close to the amount I had in my cart, so basically I had to pay almost double. That's international shopping for ya!

I missed out the Heidi Klum makeup collection at VS, not mentioning their semi-annual sales with crazy mark-downs for so many things. I stopped opening VS newsletters in my inbox, just to avoid any bad lemming cause I know I wouldn't be able to have it.

2 years ago VS bought our lovely Canadian lingerie chain La Senza and has been offering Secret Garden body products and Beauty Rush lip glosses and eyeshadows at La Senza stores. But soon (well, not until next spring), they are coming with their makeup (they'd better, or I'll scream). For now we could entertain ourselves with some PINK stuff that is available soon, and wait patiently until next year for more. Deal?

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  1. SWEET!
    OMG this has taken WAY too long >_<
    I thought that when La Senza lost the battle and VS bought part of them that VS stuff would have been introduced...but we only got the 'crap' of everything that is awesome at VS!
    lol anyway so excited :P
    Spring...isn't that far away...right??? lol

  2. Yayyy, the La Senza in my mall changed to carry more 'lingerie' stuff rather than cute girly regular bras & panties, and I know there's a VS Pink opening in another mall close to me! (:

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one that is excited about this :-) And obviously, stores have started to pop up already. Arezu, are you from Toronto?

  4. Hi Sparkles- here's a suggestion for you- if you like, when you're ordering make-up online, give me a shout and I might order some stuff as well and we'll split the shipping costs... It's painful to pay shipping- I was taken by surprise at my ELF order some time ago...

  5. Newcomer, I think you are the only Haligonian who reads my blog :-) It certainly helps when I can split the shipping cost with someone. Elf, Coastal Scent and VS charge the most for shipping. I'll keep your suggestion in mind for sure. Thanks :-)