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NYX Autumn Sale

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Hot press from twitter: NYX Autumn Sale. If you remember the last sale, products were like 70-75% off, but were offered in big batches. Ideal to share among friends, I guess.

Now, NYX only ships within US and to Canada (not internationally I'm afraid). The thing is shipping to Canada is extremely expensive (I'm talking $60 for a set, no joke. I saw it with my own eyes when I tried to put through an order), so beg your friend(s) in the US to help if you want some goodies.

Set A: 25 items
- 9 Single Eyeshadow (October Sky, Chocolate, Sweet Lagoon, Grey, Velvet Blue, Peach, Space, Red Bronze and Skin)
- 8 Mega Shine Lipglosses (Silver, Pearl, Purple Rain, Orchid, Black, Silver Plum, Juicy Cherry and Crystal Red)
- 4 Mascara (Silver, Baby Pink, Baby Green and Baby Blue), and
- 4 Liquid Eyeliner (Baby Blue, Platinum, 2 Silver Blue's - not sure why).

Retail price: $125
Discount: -$100 (80% off)
Sale price: $25.

500 sets are available, so the deal is while supplies last.

Set B: 30 items
- 22 lipstick colors (Clio, Sierra, Ares, Hermes, B52, Indian Pink, Electra, Chloe, Galaxy, Iced Lavender, Aphrodite, Luster, Champagne, Rea, Cocoa, Pinto Bean, Love Angel, Bare, Glory, Twig, America and Spoiled)
- 4 mascaras (Gold, Sky Teal, Bronze and Blue Eyes), and
- 4 liquid eyeliners (White Pearl, Lavender, Pink Pearl and Salmon).

If you are a lipstick junkie, this set is for you :-)

Retail price: $128
Special discount: -$102.40 (80% off)
Sale price: $25.60

Similarly, 500 sets are available, while quantities last.

Set C: 21 items
- 8 liquid eyeliners (White Pearl, Lavender, Baby Blue, Platinum, Silver Blue, Pink Pearl, Salmon and Mink)
- 10 mascaras (White, Silver, Baby Pink, Baby Green, Baby Blue, Lavender, Gold, Sky Teal, Bronze and Blue Eyes), and
- 3 Megashine Lipglosses (Pearl, Purple Rain and Silver Plum).

This set probably won't be for me as I suck at lining my eyes, don't know what to do with so many liners. Coloured mascaras are interesting though.

Retail price: $105
Special discount: -$94.50 (90% off)
Sale price: $10.50

500 sets are available, while quantities last.

I love the set last time when they had like 43 single shadows and some lipglosses. I caved :-) A friend got it for me, and it's now with my sister back home. I haven't seen or touched it. Sucks, I know :-) So... what are you getting?

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  1. Thanks for the info.. however the colors turn me off so I don't think I will get anything. I totally regret missing out on when they introduced those new palettes for 50% off.. waiting for a similar deal for those items :(

  2. I agree that the colours this time aren't as good as those in previous sales. I didn't get any of those new palettes either :-)

  3. The last time they had a sale like that I bought loads of stuff. I have all their liquid and pencil liners. Tons of triple pans of eyeshadows. Loads of lipglosses in the tubes and lots of lipsticks. It was so reasonable and hard to resist. So I didn't! I'm going to go check out the lipsticks to see if there's something I don't have!

  4. Wow, Lucy, you scored big on previous sale huh? Just wish they charge cheaper to ship