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Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

To continue my etsy post, here is Luire, a mineral makeup store I found on etsy. What a wonderful word etsy is, don't you agree?

Way back in March, I was very intrigued by Kate's LE monthly colour that I put in an order. I was only interested in the eye pigments, but found a code for Luire's facebook fans: Buy a lipgloss get a shadow for free. So I bought 3 lip glosses ($5.75 each) and got the 3 shadows free.
Top row, from L-R:
- Oil Spill - black which shines of all different colors when applied WET (February LE),
- Gear - a deep, glimmering copper that shines green in the light, and
- End of the Rainbow - a metallic gold that shines green (March LE).
I have used these colours a lot as I like the duo chrome effects. They are very fun to wear.

Bottom row (very hard to see), from L-R: All-natural lip gloss in:
- Nocturne - a very sheer lavender tint,
- Beyond the Sea - a sheer soft coral color. 50 cents from the sale of each tube of this color is donated to the Australian Marine Conservation Society to help fight this practice and save the Great Barrier Reef, and
- Bohemienne - a soft, coffee-colored brown, very shiny.
As all 3 shades are sheer, I couldn't get a better picture with them showing up.

Then in June, Kate called for suggestions of new colours to be featured on her site. 2 of the colours I suggested were chosen among 10 new colours, and I got to pick a few jars as a little prize.

- Nouveau Riche - a deep burgundy with a velvety texture (suggested by me),
- Don't Walk - a bright orange with shimmer (suggested by me),
- Warning - a shimmery dandelion yellow,
- Frostbite - a pale peach, but shines blue-violet when rubbed,
- Aurora - a pretty lavender with blue shine, and
- Disco Ball - a silver fine glitter (June LE).

Please click the picture to enlarge, as the colours really shine under the light. I feel like Christmas already, love them all :-)

Regularly, the eye colours are $6.75 each, $11 for 2 or $16 for 3. Right now until September 30, all eye colours are on sale for $5 each. Free shipping in the US, a bonus for ladies in the US, but shipping to other countries isn't expensive ($2 + $.50 each additional item).

I'm not compensated to write this post, mind you! I'm so bored here, so decided to play with eyeshadows. They really do cheer me up. Hope they do the same for you, at least through the pictures :-)