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Less known Canadian makeup brands

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I recently got a comment on the Canadian makeup brands post from Mellisa at Buy Canadian First regarding a few brands that she featured. I have honestly haven't heard from these brands much (if not at all), so I went reading more.

Natural Beauty is an online store which has mineral makeup as one of the lines. They carry basic mineral makeup items - Mineral shadows (CAD16.99), blushes (CAD24.99), foundation CAD31.99, etc.

Their price point is in department-store range. At this stage of my journey with makeup, I don't think I could shop there yet. But if you are a mineral makeup lover and want to support a Canadian brand, feel free to browse the website for some shopping fun.

I found a little review (and giveaway - for Canadian only) of Natural Beauty products at Natural Mommie. Maybe we can win some products to try out. But hurry, it closes tonight.

Outside/ In Cosmetics is specialized in vegan makeup. Visit their homepage to see a long list of ingredients that you would not find in their products. It's really impressive.

They have some bright fun eyeshadows (CAD13.95), mineral correctors (CAD15.95), blushes (CAD21.95), etc. I like the ery bright and fun labels too, quite different from other mineral brands I have shopped at.

There is a Back to School promotion going on this month with 20% off all products, so check them out!

SunCoat is known for its water-based nail polishes (their national award winning product), CAD9.99 each.

Suncoat has retailers across Canada (they are available in a few health food stores where I live - I haven't seen them though) and also in the US. Online shopping is available as well.

Their mineral shadows come in a very cute packaging, retais at CAD15.99. Natural lip glosses are CAD11.99, liquid foundation CAD20.99

I'm stoked to find out about these green Canadian makeup brands and really hope they reach out more to the community to promote themselves. This post might be edited anytime when I find more brands :-)

EDIT TO ADD: I have heard about the following 2 brands for a long time but somehow it skipped my mind that they are Canadian. Silly huh?

Pure Anada is a natural cosmetics brand with a wide range of products from makeup to skincare.

Its most popular product is the Natural Mascara with 97% natural ingredients, sells at CAD14 a piece.

I love how they name their mineral foundation (CAD25): Beige in Banff, Sunkissed Canadian, etc. lol. There are a lot to choose from in their product range, so have fun browsing.

The products are available in stores across the country but mostly in the suburbs only (not big cities, I'm not sure why), and at a few online stores.

Prissy Green is having a Pure Anada giveaway for a $50 Gift Card. This would be a good opportunity to get some products to try out. The giveway opens until October 6.

I heard of Buff'd Cosmetics more than a year ago from one of the very first beauty blogs I read. The blogger raved about their foundation but I was skeptical about being able to figure out what shade to get. So it slipped my mind.

The brand was very lately mentioned to me by Rasilla from In A Nutshell, and I had a lighbulb moment! :-) And, they are Canadian too, what there is not to love?

In the picture is the Super Starter Kit, which features the main products they offer. Buff'd foundation (CAD18) comes in 3 different formulations: original (full coverage), light and concealing (with kaolin clay for oil absorption). I'm partial to the last one, for sure, as I have combination skin and an oily T-zone.

AND, within this month, Buff'd is calling all bloggers. So if you are into mineral makeup, check that out.

Michelle from Lipstick Rules mentioned Bellaphoria is a Canadian brand in the comment.

Bellaphoria offers natural cosmetics products including makeup and brushes, and a Glamour Baby line coming soon (Dress-up cosmetics for your Little Princess, according to the website, how exciting!)

I haven't heard about this brand before, so make sure to check Michelle's blog for a Bellaphoria review when she posts it.

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  1. Not sure if you checked out Bellaphoria mineral makeup as well. Their samples are reasonably priced and there are sales going on. I am testing out a bunch of their shadows and they are so far so good!

  2. Thank you for dropping by! Your feedback means a lot to me, and I will DEFINITELY start dating and adding some brief descriptions. I personally didn't realize that blogger doesn't automatically add the dates on there. THANK YOU! <3 (I love your layout, btw)

  3. I'm thrilled to see this post and glad my previous comment inspired a new post on Canadian-made cosmetics.

    I just purchased a Suncoat lip gloss and I love it! It's not sticky like other lip glosses that contain a whack of chemicals. Suncoat's is all natural.

    Skin care and cosmetics is getting pretty big in Canada. Let me know if ever you are looking for more brands. I'd be glad to help!

  4. Michelle, like the 3 I mentioned, I don't think I've heard of Bellaphoria before. Look forward to your review :-)

    Lisa, my please. Thank you!

    Melissa, I will certainly let you know :-)

  5. GO CANADA! I love your blog btw, its amazing.

  6. Thank you Niki. Really appreciate your kind words :-)

  7. I found another one - Cheeky Cosmetics from BC. Another indie mineral makeup company, all natural. Available on the Pink Expresso online shop.

    re: Pure Anada. If you are shopping for a brush set for mineral makeup I highly recommend you check out theirs. Very soft brushes, the best I've ever used, amazing quality for cheap price.

  8. Fiona, thanks for the rec. Wish Pure Anada is more accessible so I can go check the brushes out in person.

    I haven't re-visited this post for a while. I'm sure there are lots of brands out there I haven't heard about :)