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Claire's haul

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Yep, I went to Claire's again. For good reason though, lol. Claire's has a fun promotion: spend $20 get a free $10 GC, and I was just waiting for a "10 for $10" sale to combine the 2 deals together. It was like the best time to shop.

Found some great items yesterday, 2 loads of 10 for $10 (i.e. everything you see here is CAD1).

The best find is the red/yellow thread earrings in the middle of bottom row. I wanted a pair for so long, was so surprised seeing it on the sale rack. Last one too. Score!

The hairclips and the cupcake earrings are for Squirt. The rest are a few fun pairs of earrings and an orange bead necklace. Oh, the black flower right next to the thread earrings is both a hairclip and a brooch (as it has a pin at the back too), faux leather kind of material.

I grabbed some capri and footless tights. If they had more colours, I'd get them all. They also had some cool animal print and liquid leggings but they of course aren't on sale.

The sunglasses have fun details on the frame, for Squirt, plus a pair of shoe laces with colourful pattern. The hair band is to match the fur hairclip from the first picture (right above the black flower).

The Conair spiral roller set is interesting. You are supposed to wrap your slightly damp hair around it, secure both ends and leave it for a while. No heat necessary, which I like. I never know what to do my hair except keeping it straight, so I thought a curly style would be fun. $1 is all it takes, so why not, right?

There you have it, my 20 for $20 haul. I already started thinking about what to get with the free GC I got. Enjoy the long weekend, guys!


  1. WOW! What a great haul. Unfortunately the 10 for $10 here selection lacks :( I've been to 3 stores and nothing 'nice' made it to $10 lol

  2. Ooh, I don't shop often at Claires cause I'm not a big fan of their stuff, but I'm going to check this out!

  3. Claire's is truly a hit or miss. There were times I walked in the store and walked out a minute later, didn't find anything good. Hope it's better this time for you ladies :-)