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Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Lol, no, not that kind of moments, the etsy great smelling kind. It's Cozy Moments on Etsy. I'm loving this product at the moment, thought I'd do a quick review for you, just in case you are looking for a recommendation.

I have to admit that I love body butters, and prefer them over body lotions. I found them more moisturizing, sink in the skin faster and no greasy feeling. This Beautiful Body Butter jar arrived a few weeks ago as my winning prize from a giveaway, and it was love at first use!

The scent: I picked Pink Passion Beach - one of Cozy Moments' exclusive Sugary Pink Kisses Blends, and I was so glad I did. The package smelled so good when I opened it.

According to Michelle, the owner of the shop, it's a mix of "aromas of fresh ocean air, juicy pineapples, sweet passion fruits, plump strawberries, and succulent guavas". I personally don't like sweet scents, but this was not overpowering, just the way I like it. I kept opening the jar just to sniff the heavenly scent.

The texture: Fluffy, light (almost a cross between a mousse and a lotion) and non greasy. And did I mention it's light pink, just like the name? A very calming and soothing kind of colour.

The effect: It absorbs very quick and leaves the skin smooth and moisturized way into the morning.

Mind you, the jar came full, but what you see in the picture is after about 2 weeks of testing. I know, I couldn't help it. I only use it for my legs and hands (not the whole body) but I was too diligent to apply it every night before bed that it runs out too fast. I would probably finish this baby in a bit over a month, I'm afraid.

I stocked up The Body Shop body butters in the past when they had BOGO 1/2, and also Victoria's Secrets' body butters and lotions (these smell great too, btw). But Cozy Moments body butters sure are winning products.

Pink Passion Beach is a summer edition and won't be back until the spring, but there are other 11 scents for you to choose, including the Twilight Inspired (Edward, Jacob and Bella) series. 4 oz jars, $8-9 each.

I also got the Flirt-tini Shaving soap free sample, but haven't tried it. Cozy Moments also have scrubs, cupcake soaps, whipped body frosting, etc. Sound yummy, don't they? :-)

Note: As always, I'm not paid to write this review and this is my honest thoughts about the product. If you ladies have any favorite body butter, please let me know.


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