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The Body Shop Tea Tree

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

The Body Shop is currently having 2 for CAD18 deal for the whole Tea Tree product line. The label is improved (greener), with litlte note mentioning Tamanu oil infusion. According to the staff in store, the tea tree oil they used is now community traded from Kenya (not Australlia anymore), and it's certified organic. All products are infused with Tamanu oil which is known for its ability help with redness. According to, Tamanu oil has been shown to improve skin appearance and scar healing, so I think the change is positive.

Last year when The Body Shop had the same deal, I went too late and most of the items I wanted were sold out, so this time I went right after getting the email about the sale. They normally have this line on sale in August targeting the students coming back to school in September. They are the group that is prone to acne the most, makes sense to me.

Price wise, the Tea Tree Night Lotion (used to be called Blemish Fade Night Lotion) is the best buy. Retail CAD18, with the sale, it is like half off. The product is supposed to improve the appearance of blemishes marks and that is what I really need for my face at the moment.

The Tea Tree Face Mask is originally CAD15, and the Tea Tree Body Wash is CAD13. They worked out to be CAD9 each, not bad. I also picked up the Round Handle Facial Brush (CAD3) to round up the bill for 2 LYB points. I have a CAD10 credit in my birth month (as part of being a Love Your Body member), but didn't have time to think about what to get, so I saved it for later.

While on the topic, there is a Tea Tree giveaway hosted at Designs by Vanessa, opens internationally. The prize includes lots of products from this line, valued over $100. If you want to check out some products, enter before August 29.

I'll do a review on the Night Lotion after testing it out for a few weeks. Have you got any Tea Tree products and what are your thoughts on them?


  1. Ooh, I was actually thinking the other day that I need to get more into skincare, and that I should check out The Body Shop's products out. I think this would be the best time then, lol.
    I have the tea tree oil and I use it for pimples, but I got lazy and I hardly use it now.

  2. Great stuff! I really want to try a different range than the Vit E one.. this looks great!!

  3. Arezu, keep an eye on their sale, as their skincare lines are on sale at different times and different deals :-)

    Tali, I heard the Vitamin E line is pretty good. Have you seen any improvement in your skin with it?

  4. lol my younger sibs are in their teens. Soooo(x gazillion O's) many pimples, zits, blackhead, acnea!!! I gotta say these stuff works wonders for them!

  5. im very tempted to get the lotion...seeing as i didn't put in an order for the zoyas...and still quite sad :(
    lol thanks for the heads up!

  6. Wow, it's good to know that the stuff worked for someone :-) The staff did tell me they sell this line very well.

    Awww, you didn't order Zoya? Last time I tweeted with them, they are working on an exchange program for Canada. Let's hope!