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Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

It has been sunny for 2 days now and I couldn't be happier. People were wearing flip flops and tank tops. Me? I'm still sick. It is such a long and painful cold. Lost my taste, nothing I ate tasted the same :-(

Let's see what's on sale this coming week.

Shoppers: $10 store coupon with $50 purchase (Sat & Sun)
- Sun & Mon only: Almay and Revlon (selected types): CAD5.99
- Rimmel (selected types): CAD5 and CAD5.99
- Vichy Cellu-metric treatment or Lipo-Metric cream: 50% off
- Marcelle Hydra-C or New-age skincare: 20% off
- Annabelle blush, single shadow, liner: CAD3.99
- L'Oreal Bare Naturale compact/loose powder: CAD15

- L'Oreal Ombrelle suncare: 25% off

- Cetaphil cleanser/lotion: CAD9.99

Zellers: Dollar Daze
- Cover Girl Professional mascara or Continuous Colour lipstick: CAD4
- Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips (8's): CAD7
- Nexxus shampoo & conditioner bonus pack: CAD

- Free Revlon Makeup correction pen w/ purchase of Revlon ColorStay foundation (coupon on flyer)
- Cover Girl Exact Eyelights/Last Exact/Volume Exact mascara or Incredifull lipstick: CAD6.99
- Sally Hansen New Length polish w/ bonus clear polish: CAD3.49
- Almay Smart Shade: 20% off
- Maybelline Mineral Power: 20% off

It sucks that I haven't seen Walmart flyer for a while now, even online. Don't know what they are doing. I always have hope that Walmart would have sales on makeup :-)

Tylenol has worn down, I'm beat guys. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Hey hun, sorry you're under the weather at the moment. :( I hope you feel better! ♥

    PS: I like the blog you've started as well, hehe. I'm subscribing. :)