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Sigma Makeup brushes

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I have another post about makeup brushes for ya, and it's a good one (I think) :-)

Back in March, TiffanyD on Youtube had a video about a brand new makeup brush line from Sigma Makeup. She was so convincing that these brushes were equal to (or for some, better than) MAC brushes, at about a third of the cost individually.

The neat thing is Sigma offers brush kits which is great for newbies who just started their makeup stash and wanted a one stop shopping for good brushes (without breaking the bank). Obviously, you could save more with a kit than buying brushes individually. More information about these brushes with close up pictures can be found on Tiffany's blog.

By the time I went and checked out Sigma website, lots of Tiffany's subbies (I assumed it was them, lol) already hauled lots of brushes from the site. I was sad to find out that the kit I wanted - Sigma Professional Brushes Complete - was out of stock. And the company said they hand-made the brushes themselves, it'd take a few months to build the stock back up again. I only had a few brushes back then, and it sucked to find out about a good deal but couldn't get it. And I was sure to come back when the brushes were available again to get a kit.
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Fast forward to the day I decided to grab the MAC kit. Lots of nice/essential brushes, come with a brush roll, from MAC, not at retail kinda price was too hard to turn down. And I went with it, as you already know. I (temporarily) forgot about Sigma and my dream brush kit.

Today, Blair talks about Sigma brushes again (she also raved about them, just like Tiffany) and stears me toward Sigma website - again - to look at the kit. It still appeals to me the exact same way it did the first time I saw it. 12 brushes and a roll at $79, omg how I want to get them, lol. I know I shouldn't, but lots of my makeup purchases are not justifiable anyway, wink wink...

Have any of you ladies bought brushes from Sigma? Please share what you think about them. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Ooh, I heard Sigma brushes are really good too. I'm interested in seeing them, but I have a ton of brushes already! I've even been eyeing the Nordstrom exclusive Declaring Indigo brush set from Lancome. They look really adorable to me. :)

    And for the bio-oil, I have actually used it on my face before, and it didn't break me out. :) I'm going to try it again in combination with egyptian magic cream, haha!

  2. I hear ya, the Indigo brush set sure is amazing, but I can't justify the cost :-) I hate this budget constraint, but I'm trying to be a good "girl". See how long that lasts

  3. I've heard good and bad. Lisaz09 said they were just okay. I hear Coastal scents brushes are great and have you tried your local Michael's craft store? I have some great MAC dupes (for example 239s) that were $6 a piece!!

    Interested to see if you buy these Sigma and what you think.

  4. Interesting to know a different opinion about these brushes. I just don't like shopping at Coastal Scent, as their shipping cost is too high (I bought 2 of the 88 shadow palettes there, and shipping cost almost the cost of 1 palette), so I don't think I want to get their brushes :-)
    I have the Maxine's Mops at Michael's as shadow brushes.