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I finally made it to a gym class today, after more than 2 weeks not working out at all. I felt really bad on Tuesday, so I tried harder today. Obviously, you can't just jump right back where you were before in just 1 night, so I was exhausted. I took it slow. Tomorrow when the musle pain comes, I'd regret not slowing down enough, lol.

I'm not going to blog anything major tonight, just want to stop by to say hello to my readers and touch on some great things I found on twitter. Hope this is helpful somehow to you guys.

- The tallships come in the waterfront today. There will be about 40 of them totally by tomorrow afternoon and it's gonna be a busy festival in the next 5 days for Haligonians. Want to know more about tallships and what they are doing on the water? Visit Tall Ship special. They have live broadcast from the waterfront as well, so I can just watch it from the comfort of my couch. And so can you :-) is quite new (at least to me), but I appreciate the local contents featured on the website. When they asked whether I want my blog feed posted on their website, I was surpringly happy to say yes. So I'm on!!!
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- My favorite store to shop for reasonably priced makeup, the Makeup Mix Shop is offering 15% off on EcoTools until Saturday. Now I have seen EcoTools at Walmart and Zellers, but stocks were pretty limited, especially the sets, so if you want to grab some of their awesome brushes, makesure you take advantage of the sale. Remember, shipping is free for Canada with order of $20 or more.

- If you are a fan of the Harajuku Lovers, Sephora blog announced the half-off sale for the small sizes ($15). I took a sniff test at Shoppers when they first came out, and I did like a few of them, but not all. The packaging though, we all agree, is very lovely.

- has 20% off coupon for any order at Rexall Pharma Plus (Ontario only), good until mid September. I heard there are some good sales going on there right now for the Posh brushes (CAD3 off), so 20% on top of that would be lovely, right? There's no Rexall around here, so I wouldn't be able to use it. My Torontonian ladies, have fun with it.

- I have been on a nail polish dream for a while now, with new collections are constantly released. The crush over Sally Hansen Hi-Definition Nail Color is not over yet, now I get hit by WetnWild Craze collection. I don't know what I'll do when these babies hit the stores around here. I can totally blame Steph at Steph's Closet for her gorgeous swatches for all this. See how beautiful the colours are: Sally Hansen HD and WetnWild Craze and you'll understand why I have to talk about them.

Hope you all have a good night. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. ahhh I checked out the prices for the harajuku fragrance...but its 34 CAN...or something like that...not the converted 15US for us :(

    lol when I saw your retweet of the ecotools sale, I clicked it immediately...then got to my

  2. Do you mean Sephora store didn't have this deal? That sucks! One lady on twitter said she found them at Costco for USD20, I thought $15 was better for us. Once again, online and store deals don't agree huh?

  3. I mean I think this deal only applies to people in the US and not us in general, cause I didnt see that in stores yesterday when I was there :T
    lol yeah...another example I guess...sigh...