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ELF mineral lipstick sale

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

How are you all this morning?

Just want to post reall quick to let you guys know that Elf is having Overstock sale - 75% off their mineral lipstickss. They are normally $5, with the sale will come to $1.25 each. The code is GETLIP, no words on expiry date.

I heard the free shipping condition (orders over $75) applies before the code, which means you can get 16 lipsticks (regular $80) [or something else to make it to over $75] for $20 shipped in the US. Canadians will have to pay $8 extra charge ($6.95 off is taken off the regular $14.95 shipping cost).

Question: Have you tried these lipsticks out? What shades do you recommend? I want to get something from their Studio Line as well, wish for a sale on them. I always hesitate to order from elf, because of the mixed experiences from bloggers shopping with them.

Let me know if you haul :-)

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  1. OMG- I can't believe this- were we twin sisters in a previous life or something??? I got the EXACT SAME lipstick you are showing here a couple of months back, from ELF.

    For what it's worth- I don't have any strong feelings about the ELF mineral lipstick. It's a nice strong colour, so it doesn't do to use gloss over it, as it will be too much. It usually wears away after a couple of coffees. It's not a subtle colour, if you get my drift.

    I got the notice about the overstocked lipstick, but I won't be ordering any. I just have too much stuff at the moment, and I'll have to sending out my own overstock notice if this goes on.

  2. Lol, makeup addicts think alike (and buy the same way too) :-) It might be a good thing that you feel nothing special with these lipsticks - so I can restrain myself putting in an order

  3. though tempted, I wouldn't jump on thic cause of the shipping. and I'm not crazy enough to buy 75 bucks worth of elf :T

    i WISH that the insta dry were on sale for that much! but they are priced at 5.99 here, and so its 2.99...and none of the colours really jumped at me so I didn't really care to buy them at that price...especially when there are dollar goodies to be had!!! lol

  4. Yeah, I probably won't shop this time either, after chewing on the idea for a while.

    Thought I saw Insta Dri on the flyer picture you took. Enjoy the .99 ones, please do post!