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Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

A few months back, I started to see a makeup brand popping up more and more beauty blogs that I frequent, called Adorned With Grace, and I got curious. I went check out the website, saw a few things I liked but wasn't sure I should order. I found the blog where Franchesca, the owner, posts promotions/sales information for her loyal readers every one or two weeks. Now that was something that could suck me right in :-) Then I was just waiting for a good sale.

In March, Franchesca offered 25-pc sample grab bags for $2.77 each. I thought it was the opportunity to try out AwG products that I was waiting for, so I put in my first order. Another promotion was buying 2 brushes, getting an eyeshadow for free. AwG had some brushes that I wanted to try, but I decided getting the Petite Dual Fiber Blush brush duo.
The duo was priced better than the single ($11.25 for the duo, $6.30 for the single), and I can always give the extra one away to a friend. These brushes were recommended by Aileen from Shades of U, one of the very first beauty blogs I read. Aileen listed the petit brushe as one of her favorite stippling brushes, so I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. Of course I searched around the blog world to make sure other bloggers liked it too. For the free shadow, as suggested by Franchesca, I got Exuberant - an olive green colour that was supposed to stand out and not a wash colour. Just exactly what I wanted. First impression about customer service was great, as Franchesca anwered all my silly questions promptly, helped with colour selection and shipped the items out quick.
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The package arrived in a bubble envelope. Inside was 2 tiny packages wrapped nicely with white wrapping paper with little red heart pattern - the logo of AwG. Second impression of packaging was great, again.
About the products? I have used Exuberant in a few weekends, and liked how it looked on me. The brushes are still in their plastic wrap though, as I haven't got to my powder blush yet. I have CoverGirl's Cheekers blush in 180 Brick Rose that I have used for a long time now and haven't finished it :-) Also came with the items I ordered were 3 shadow samples. They were the shadows that I told Franchesca I wondered how they looked like. She cared enough to remember and sent them to me to try them out. I was impressed.

2 months passed, and I saw another gold opportunity on the blog. Blushes were buy 2 get 1 free. Again, I recalled Aileen said she loved all 10 shimmer blushes offered by AwG (and yes, she bought them all), and I like shimmer, so my main focus was among those 10.
I got Ardent, Audacious, Fascinating, Glamorous and Lovely from the shimmer group, and Breathtaking (from the regular collection) which had "loads of shimmer and is sure to dazzle" - as described on AwG website. Franchesca also offered samples of her 3 new blushes that haven't been released. Good enough justification for me to spend some money, right?

The package arrived nicely wrapped as the first time, safe and sound. Look how lovely they are. Now I have the blushes to use with the petite brushes I got the first time, will report back when I finish my Cover Girl and move on to these lovely jars. Another 3 free samples of shadows, more fun stuff for me to try.

Go check out Adorned With Grace, and if you see something you like, try it out. You can start from getting a few samples - that was what I did when I first started with mineral makeup. Thanks for stopping by.


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