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FOTD: Marcelle BB Cream - Day 15

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

TODAY is the day Marcelle BB cream is available in stores for purchase, yay! I have swatches, and stay tuned for a little miracle and magic in this post.

I received the Medium to Dark shade  last week, thought I should show them side by side, plus a FOTD, to see if you can spot the difference. Hope this helps some of you who are still wondering which shade to get.

Here they are, a small dot each, Light to Medium on the left and Medium to Dark on the right. Quite different, isn't it?

This is them again, rubbed out slightly and quickly on my hand. The difference is still noticeable, but do you see where we are heading to? Keep reading :)

It has been 3 weeks since the day the BB cream was launched on Marcelle website for online shopping. If you haven't heard enough raves about their BB cream on blogs and twitter (plus the super fast shipping and the bonus free gifts that come with each order), and still have doubt to give in to the hype, don't resist as I am going to give you one more reason to give in.

This is it! Here are the 2 BB cream dots thoroughly buffed in, within their side of the hand. The little dark line in the middle is the area that did not have any BB cream, act as the border between the 2 shades.

No, your eyes did not play a trick on you. The left side of my hand did not look any different from the right side, either in the pic or IRL. I swear I did not do anything extra to it, this is all the 2 BB cream shades' doing.

Magic? I would say! If you prefer the scientific explanation, the self-adjusting pigments work really well. Like you saw in my FOTD Day 1 and Day 8, I did not have any problem with the Light to Medium shade matching my skin tone. It's true that I only used it under my foundation, but as you see here, even if you use it alone as a tinted moisturizer, the colour matching won't be a problem.

Note that I'm NC37 in MAC foundation shade. The result can be different if you are extra pale or a lot darker than me, so make sure you swatch before buying.

And the FOTD as promised, using the Medium to Dark shade, taken with natural light, by the window. I did try to look "smirky" this time, as a special person requested. Still prefer the serious look though :)

On the face:
- Moisturizer: Olay Total Effects UV moisturizer with Touch of Foundation SPF15
- Primer: Marcelle BB cream in Medium to Dark
- Foundation: CoverFx cream foundation SPF30 in M50
- Concealer: CoverFx concealer in Light
- Blush: Cover Girl Cheekers blush in Brick Rose.

I added a moisturizer before the BB cream as it was freezing that day, I felt that the skin might need some extra help. With warmer winter/ spring days, I wouldn't worry about that step.

For the eyes:
- Base: Shiseido Hydro-Powder eyeshadow in H4 Spring Plum
- Eyeshadows and brow bone highlight: elf Brightening Eye colour quad in Day 2 Night
- Eyeliner: Annabelle Smooth liner in Bronze and Smoothie in Melonade
- Mascara: Maybelline XXL Pro Curl mascara.

- NYX lip liner in Orange
- Revlon ColorBurst lip gloss in Papaya.

Brighter lips and neutral eyes are looks I don't do very often. My comfort zone is the other way around. It feels natural reaching for a strong colour for the lids than for the lips.

Also my lips are pigmented and always try to change the colour of the lip products I use. Orange and Papaya are both in the orange colour family but appear on my lips quite red. Oh well.

As always, a close-up on the eyes. A little too neutral for the weekend right? Love the Day 2 Night elf quad though, great pigmentation for close to nothing price tag. Totally recommend it!

Alright, this concludes my Marcelle BB cream series. I am totally happy with it, and hope you will too if you have a chance to try it.


  1. You look so pretty! I love this look on you! hello bold lips! As for the BB creams I do see a difference ;)

  2. Thank you Mel :) You have magical eyes to spot the difference lol

  3. I was planning on this BB cream out but I am apprehensive on whether the medium to dark share will really be able to suit darker skin tones. I'd hate to spend the money and the product look ashy on me.

  4. Hotashi, it is very hard for me to judge how the shade would look on you. Now that they are in stores, I'd suggest a swatch test before choosing the shade :)

  5. I have to agree with Macbella2 here: Hello, pretty lady! This look is absolutely flawless on you.

    @Hotashi: You should try the testers in stores to see what works best for your skin tone. I'm sure you'll find your match.

    @Sparkling Beauty: I LOVE that smirk. Now, I await the smile! =)

  6. Aww thank you for saying that, Miss IPP, the smile you will probably have to wait till we meet to see it haha