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NOTD: Icing Magnetix Pink/ Burgundy

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Yay, another magnetic shade turned out not too bad lol. Seriously guys, I love magnetic polishes but they get me nervous. It takes so much practice to bring the magnet close enough to your nails to create great prints without smudging the nail polish on the magnet at the same time.

This is the darker pink/ burgundy shade that has beautiful fuchsia glitters on top (which are hard to photograph, lol). The magnet is supposed to give wavy print, not straight one like the Icing Magnetix Gold/ Green shade I tried before, but I can't see the difference very clearly. Wavy or not, I still love the light and dark intermission, so I am not complaining :)

Application is good, I only did one coat here. Didn't have much luck with the brush though, as the one in this bottle was just as wonky as the first one I tried.

Icing did have some bottles in their regular range that come with bad brushes, but not all. I can't understand how they let beautiful magnetic colours like this come with such a horrible brush. Who wants to bet the other 2 shades I bought also have bad brushes? :)

For those who don't live near an Icing store, Claire's also has the exact same 4 shades for like 50 cents cheaper. I didn't have time to open the caps to check the brushes of those, but let's hope they aren't the same as Icing's.

This is the kind of pink colour that I can totally wear, thanks to the burgundy accent. If you are sick of magnetic nail polish, I apologize but I like a challenge and they are worth the trouble.

I am happy to get a hold of these Icing shades before the bus strike. Based on blog swatches, the China Glaze magnetics don't seem to have the beautiful shimmers/ glitters on top that get my heart sings like Icing's. However, they have more colours to choose from.

Have a great Tuesday, get out and do things when you can. I'll be missing zumba today, tres sad!


  1. I really like this colour! I love magnetic polish.
    Too bad about the bus strike. That really sucks. I can't believe the city allows that to happen.

  2. Tracy, yay you loved it too :) Yeah, wouldn't it be nice if they did do something about this strike