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L'Oreal L'Or Infallible collection

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I'm feeling like crap today with a sore throat and lack of sleep, but I am very excited to bring you swatches of L'Oreal's special release of Infallible eyeshadows - The L'Or collection.

There are 6 brand new shades with this collection, and I believe they are LEs. The displays made appearance in Canada around the beginning of December last year. If you still can find them in stores, make sure to take a good look (and grab a few). Totally recommend that!

First row, from L-R: Bronze Divine, Sahara Treasure, Goldmine

Second row: Black Onyx, Golden Mahogany and Emerald Lame.

Swatches will be with flash first, then with natural light, as always.

Bronze Divine to me isn't a bronze but more of a golden olive which is totally gorgeous.

Sahara Treasure is an old gold shade, appears almost metallic when applied with a damp brush.

Goldmine is the sheerest shade in the bunch, but is a pretty gold nonetheless. It is up to you to build it up to the finish you are looking for.

See here, Sahara Treasure and Goldmine still show strong metallic sheen even without a flash.

I can tell you now that this collection carries true holiday spirit with intense colours and great finish. You'll see more of that later on.

Again, Bronze Divine is nowhere boring, despite of my pic. It is awesome as a dab right in the middle of the lids, makes your eyes pop. Love the shimmers it has.

On to the second row where more stars align. I am totally smitten with these 3 shades, I would marry them if I could.

Black Onyx is a charcoal black with strong and beautiful silver shimmers. More smoky eyes to come, I'd say :)

Golden Mahogany is a reddish plum, with a metallic sheen. I'm not sure how this kind of colour plays out with my skin tone all over the lids but it definitely works well on the crease.

And then there is the love of my life, Emerald Lame. A beautiful green with strong gold shimmers, a perfect holiday colour. Not recommend for regular day looks, as it is (again) very intense. I wore it in the FOTD: Marcelle BB Cream - Day 8 post, if you need a reminder.

Under natural light, the shimmers are toned down a bit. Here you can see the charcoal in Black Onyx and the base colour of Emerald Lame a bit better.

All in all, if you are a fan of bright colours and can wear them during the day, go for it. All 6 shades will deliver, and there are endless combination options among these and the core L'Oreal Infallible shades.

So add a bit of colours on your eyes and go to town! They are mood boosters, I swear.

One last pic to finish up the post, blurred out to show the shimmers. Crazy eh? At this stage, can you pick just one favourite? I can't :)

Thought I should note that I bought these myself. I was blown away by the core colours and made sure to collect all the shades L'Oreal come out with (with backups, except for the matte dull shades that nobody wants). I am not sure if this collection is available outside Canada except for a possible similarity between Goldmine and the US shade called Eternal Sunshine.

Ok, I have to go back to my cough drops. You can stick around staring at the swatches, if you please :)


  1. it sucks some shades only get to the US and not to canada, there was a shade I saw in a Youtube video called "amber rush".. or Amber.. something" was a really nice pink shade... but cant find it anywhere in canada :(

    1. It happens all the time to us, I agree. I thought Amber Rush is part of the permanent collection now - I might be wrong, but I'll check the shelf next time I'm in store