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NOTD: Icing Magnetix Gold/Green

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

It was a peaceful Friday when I came across tweets about Icing Magnetix nail polish and I was like sitting on hot coal itching to go "fetch" them into my stash. And I did, bought all 4 shades they released.

Back in the day with L'Oreal Star Magnets, I always wanted magnetic polishes. Found some, saw some expensive ones too, then finding a magnet that work with those was another issue. Until now...

There is no individual names on these, unfortunately, I have no idea why not. So here is my first Magnetix: Icing Gold/ Green, lol. A blogger named it Tiger's Eye, which I think is very appropriate. Anyone wants to name this shade for me?

Will you look at that - the beautiful olive green (dark and light all in one shade), and the gold shimmers on top! If you only want 1 Magnetix, this is IT!

I am holding the bottle with the magnetic cap on. It has 2 raised edges where you can rest your cuticle on while trying to get the nail close enough to the magnet. When you remove the cap, you'll get to the lid with a (crappy) brush attached on the inside. The brush is the only thing I complain about with this line.

You'll notice my application was not on point with this mani. The brush was so bad, uneven and flared out weirdly. Like working with the magnet wasn't already hard enough, you see the proof on my pinky. It was not as visible on the nail, which was why I didn't fix it.

This is also a proof that working with magnetic polishes wasn't as easy as you think. I messed up bad on my right hand which luckily isn't my swatch hand. But still, I gotta say I love how it looks on the nail, finish and colour wise.

Those of you who said you weren't into crackles, what do you think of these?

The Magnetix line is sold at Icing for CAD10.25 each ($9 in the US), 0.33oz/ 9.8ml. Their cosmetics are always BOGO1/2, so I paid about CAD30 for all 4. Bonus: each bottle comes with its own (removable) magnet.

A quick comparison for you:
- Layla Magneffects: $15.50 (10ml), with individual magnet
- Nails Inc magnetic: $16 (10ml), with individual magnet
- LCN magnetic: $9.90 (8ml), magnets are sold separately
- China Glaze Magnetix: will be $10 (14ml), magnets are sold separately
- Color Club Magnetic Force: will be $12 (10ml), with individual magnet.

I'm sold on the Icing version, for price, strong shimmer finish and colour choices. Hope they'll come out with more shades like this.


  1. Pretty! Very nice lines, and you did a wonderful job photographing the colour!

  2. Not bad, but the best magneffect that I tested until today was from Layla.

  3. Thank you Mary :)

    Tuli, it was not the magnet's fault, as I need practice to work with it. It's actually stronger than those I tried

  4. This is gorgeous! I'm loving this new magnetic polish trend! Quick question though, where can I get some of these? :)

  5. Carmela, the brand is ICING, they are the sister brand of Claire's, both sell accessories and makeup, nail polish