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YvesRocher Sheer Botanical lipsticks

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Aren't you glad it is a long weekend, having an extra day to recharge before the kids start school?

I don't normally post on a holiday, but I couldn't wait to tell you about a brand new lipstick line that quickly becomes one of my favorites - Yves Rocher Sheer Botanical lipsticks, available this month!

To start, I don't like sheer lipsticks in general as they don't flatter my pigmented lips. But one swipe of these lipsticks and I was so glad I got a chance to try them.

Yes they are sheer, but have better pigmentation than most other sheer lipsticks, and the formula is one of the best I have tried!

Formulated with cherry oil (rich in Omega 6 and 9) that gives the product the shine and the smooth feeling on the lips, these lipsticks are such a treat to the lips. And the light candy scent is an added bonus.

The shades I received, from L-R: 12 Frosted Chestnut (Marron Glace), 22 Soft Coral (Corail Doux), 42 Bright Pink (Rose Vif), 51 Red Currants (Rouge Groseille), 52 Black Cherry (Cerise Noire) and 61 Tangerine.

I included the French names as they are what appear on the labels at the bottom of the bullets, for easy reference.

They look amazing in the tubes, don't they? Let's get to the swatches.

The first 3 shades stay true to the sheer nature of the line, take a bit of layering for the colours to show up.

Frosted Chesnut is a brown nude, an every day shade. Also great to top up any liner for shine.

Soft Coral is exactly as the name suggests, adds a light hint of coral to the lips.

Bright Pink is a fuchsia pink, slightly more pigmented than the first two.

I reach for this group of colours on those lazy days for makeup, or when I need to gloss up a matte lip. They are so comfortable to wear that I sometimes forget I have them on.

The other 3 shades have more pigmentation, a natural choice when I need some colour on the lips.

Red Currants (left) and Tangerine (right) are quite similar. The former has more red, the latter has more coral tone in the colour and is a bid darker than Soft Coral above.

Black Cherry is the plum version of Bright Pink, also the most creamy and pigmented (and my most favorite) among all 6 shades. But I can't play favorites for long, as I have been rotating them all through the week with or without lip liners, then repeat :)

The line has 12 shades in total, 0.12oz/ 3.5g each, retail for $17 but are on sale right now for $9.50. Check out the FOTD with Black Cherry I just did.


  1. Those are really nice! I like that they're kind of sheer. ^_^

  2. I love the look of the frosted chestnut. I wish the store was still here to see if it is close to the Burts Bees Cocoa that has been discontinued.

    1. Yeah, too bad the store is gone so we can't do any swatching