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Quo Smokey Eyeshadow Palette

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

It has been a while since I reviewed eyeshadows on here. The truth is I haven't been using anything new other than the Maybelline Color Tattoos and L'Oreal Infallibles. Last week, I pulled out a new palette to try.

This is Quo Smokey Eyeshadow palette #1 - The Blues. These palettes (available in 2 colour combos) have been out for a while, reg. CAD25 at Shoppers.

I like the black paper envelope to keep the palette from scratches and finger print smudges. The picture is gorgeous and so is the thin metal palette inside. The size is perfect for travel, does not take up much space at all.

There are 7 powder eyeshadows (1.4g each) and a cream eyeshadow (on the very right hand side, 1g).

Please keep in mind that my camera loves to wash out/ lighten the colours. Trust me that this palette is smoky eyes worthy. Just as a reference, the second shade from the left is supposed to be a deeper navy blue, not a sky blue.

A bonus point for this palette, besides the beautiful blues and greys/ black to pair with highlight shades, is the huge mirror inside the lid.

There isn't much fallouts from the powder shades, so I haven't seen contamination to the cream eyeshadow in the palette, as some of you might concern.

Let me go through colour descriptions, to assist the pics. From L-R:

- A skin-toned beige colour for highlight
- 3 shades of navy blue in gradient effect from light to dark, transitioned to the black next to them
- 2 shades of grey, also in gradient from dark to light
- And a white cream which I would use as a base or inner corner highlight.

And the swatches with a damp brush, no base, first with flash. I told you the blues are intense and great for smoky eyes, didn't I? The first navy is, again, darker IRL, the second shade has beautiful purple flash and the third one is close to black with blue flash.

The only matte shade in the palette is the black and it is a great intense matte black. The rest have shimmers but not glitters. All feel smooth on the lid, no chunky feeling nor fallout issues.

The first grey has beautiful silver sheen, the second one is sheer though - the only shade with weak pigmentation in the bunch. I like to pop it in the middle of the lids to promote some shine.

Swatches, without flash.

The highlight shade shows up whiter than how it looks in the palette but is still a good highlighter for my skin tone, with a light hand.

The cream is a pigmented white, need a light hand as well. I didn't use it alone to test the wear and creasing, as I will always use it as a base anyway. I don't really care for a singled-out cream shade in a powder eyeshadow palette - as I have other good bases to use, but I don't complain either.

All in all, this blue beauty met my expectation of a smoky palette. If blues are your colour, definitely check it out next time Quo products are on sale :)


  1. This looks just like the Kat Von D Metal Orchestra palette. Do you know if this is of similar quality and maybe cheaper?

  2. Thank you for binging this up. Up until now, I didn't even know how similar this is to the Metal Orchestra. Blog reviews said the KvD pigmentation is not great. I'd say the Quo palette is a better option, price and colour payoff wise

  3. i agree too when I first saw the photo in this post I thought it was Kat Von D!

  4. I had no idea until you guys comment about KvD lol