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NOTD: LA Girl Glitter Addict Provocative

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

My lovely readers, I have abandoned you this week, haven't I? I have a really crazy last few days trying to finish work and pack for my extended trip home. Until I can put my feet up and breath, I won't be around much on here and twitter. But still leave me comments and messages, I'll get back to you, promise!

Let's talk pretty, shall we? This NOTD is featuring Essence Surfer Babe in Surferama, topped with LA Girl Glitter Addict in Provocative. They are a great pair made for each other.

As you can see the bottle shot above, Surferama is a darker fuchsia pink that I don't normally pick for myself - I got it as a gift. I don't wear much in the pink colour family, you see? However, once I wore it, I loved it. I believed I did 2 coats here for good measure, but you can get away with one if you only use it as a base.

And it is an awesome base for the glittery Provocative that I was itching to wear since I got it off Cherry Culture. The base saves me from using too much glitters, I'm too economical lol.

Lawtons does carry LA Girl but not the Glitter Addict line, and I made a mental note to collect them all. Looks like they are all in stock at the moment.

Do I need to say much of how pretty Provocative is? I haven't had any problem with application with any colour in this line, and they appear on the nails true to the bottle shade. Couldn't ask for anything better.

And did I mention they are very reasonably priced? Reg. $4, on sale for $2.50 each.

The glitters look crazy here and I love them :) The mani last about 2 days on me, reasonable. Plus I don't have many shades like this, they are keepers.

So I'm off tonight, won't be checking in till Saturday. Hope my US ladies have a great Thanksgiving and everybody has fun shopping on Black Friday. Don't forget to tell me what good stuff you get. I'm just thankful that I survived the snow storm last night with not too much trouble. Made it home to pack.

Final note: Just realized that Cherry Culture is doing 20% off Thanksgiving sale. There you go, this post is very timely appropriate :)


  1. Beautiful...both the color and the nails

  2. Aww thanks, I'm not very good at keeping my nails in shape. I was just lucky :)