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NOTD: Claire's Hyper/ Relaxed

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I was at Claire's checking out if their sale rack had any nail polish (it hasn't been the case for months now). On the way out, something caught my eyes on the mood polish shelf, something I haven't seen before.

Introducing Hyper/ Relaxed, a gorgeous blurple with beautiful teal/ blue flash in the bottle (visible in the pic). This is one of the most unique mood shades that Claire's has released, so I gotta have it.

Couldn't wait to wear it, so here it is :) 2 coats, with Seche Vite on all but the ring finger - to show you the finish. The polish dries semi-matte, and it looks a lot better with a shiny top coat.

This is how Hyper/ Relaxed looks on my nails most of the time.

The purple tips are a little subtle. If you click the pic to enlarge, you can see them on my thumb and pinkie. I don't have problems with this, as the blue is very pretty. The beautiful teal shimmer is only visible in the sun though.

The shortie on my middle finger is actually useful with this mani - to show you that mood polishes won't work on short nails. They need the free edges of the nails be a little longer, so the temperature difference can enable the colour difference.

Hyper/ Relaxed in full sunny glory. If the duochrome effect were a little stronger, this polish would be full of win, colour wise.

Wear wise, it is bad :( Only lasted one day on my nails. By evening the next day after I prepared dinner, 4 in 10 fingers chipped. I was sad. For the price (CAD5.75), it should have performed better than this.

All in all, this polish leaves a bit of desire for the better. But I can't say no to a new mood polish, hence I didn't regret buying it when I first saw it.

Excuse the glare but this pic shows you the "mood" status the best where the purple made a strong appearance. Again, none on my middle finger because it was too short.

Hope you ladies enjoy the Natal Day (certain provinces in Canada only). We went to the park on the ocean side. It was warm but the cool breeze that came off the water made me shiver. Squirt had lots of fun with bouncy castle and snow cones :) We also went out for her to ride her bike, one of her favorite summer activities now. She even tried to do some leg tricks which scared me. The mother in me didn't want to see her fall :)

I'll be back tomorrow with a haul. As it was a day off, I thought it's appropriate to show you a fun nail polish first instead of weekend finds. Have a good night!


  1. Oh I love that subtle difference. So pretty!

  2. i was looking for it at montreal but i didn't find it , i have a giveaway the prize a glymm box somethig like luxe box .

  3. Olivia, yep, mood polishes got me every time for that reason :)

    Beauty Combat, hope you can find it soon, another location maybe?