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tarte 8th World Wonder collection

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

EDIT: Thanks to Miranda's comment, I came to know that tarte is having another TSV on July 2 for a wonderful 8-pc set called Glow Your Way To Gorgeous. It is available for pre-orders with 2 options - single purchase #A218483 and Auto Delivery #A219234 for $49.92 (reg. $60) but words are that it won't be shipped out pass mid July. Just be prepared to wait.

Here's a summary of what will be in this set.

For more swatches (and if you are in the US who makes youtube videos, enter the giveaway too), check out the video from JulieG713. I'm in trouble now, still have another Auto Delivery of the 8th World Wonder, and this set has 3 Auto Deliveries too, lol. If you miss out on the first set, check out this one :)

Back in March, QVC had a TSV deal on tarte 8th World Wonder - Best of the Amazon 7-pc Clay collection for $48.36 (reg. $58, valued $143) with Auto Delivery option. I was preparing this post, hoping to provide you with some useful information to place an order, as the second delivery is supposed to be shipped out today. Little did I know that if you missed out in March, you won't be able to jump in this delivery alone. So just take this post as a fun read instead :)

First thing I worried about was shipping cost on QVC. With this set, they quoted $5.97 (plus $4.21 taxes) for US or $13.22 (plus $7.25 taxes) for Canada - that's $10 extra each shipment. I had all 3 deliveries sent to the bf's.

Besides all the raves about tarte products, this set was offered at great value and saving: What came in the March set:

- Amazonian Clay Balancing foundation SPF15 (1.7 fl oz, reg. $36)
- Amazonian Clay Automatic Waterproof eyeliner in Golden Plum (0.008 oz, $19)
- Pure Optic Moisturizing lip gloss in Golden Pink (0.14 fl oz, $21)
- Lights, Camera, Lashes! Volumizing mascara in Black (0.24 fl oz, $19)
- Amazonian Clay 12-hour Wear powder blush in Glisten (a peachy-pink shade, 0.20 oz, $25)
- Amazonian Clay Long-wear eyeshadow palette with Dark Brown, Shimmering Bronze, Light Sand and Shimmering Plum (4 x 0.06 oz, $23)
- Deluxe Airbrush Finish Foundation brush, and
- Cosmetic bag.

It was so worth the money, as the foundation and brush alone would have already cost me that much or more.

This was how the March set come in, packed inside the purple bag.

There was a clear plastic envelope that had slots to fit the products in. When it closed, all items were held in place, didnt get shuffled around inside the bag. I think it's simply genius. The brush (which was huge) and the free sample of Maracuja oil didn't need special padding.

One side of the envelope, you can see the lip gloss, blush and eyeshadow palette.

The other side housed the eyeliner, mascara and foundation.

QVC/ tarte might do this to all value kits, what do I know as this is the first time I ordered from them. But I'm just saying, it's a great way to pack products to minimize breakage. Me likey!

So far, I am enjoying the foundation to the max. I chose the shade in Tan, a bit darker than most foundation I am using right now, but would be good for the summer. Haven't got to the blush yet :)
The June and October sets would include the same products, with different colour selections. According to Musings of a Muse:
The set in June would have
- Liner in Rich Green
- Gloss in Pink Grapefruit
- Blush in Tickled
- Eyeshadow Quad with Shimmering Olive, Matte Espresso, Shimmering Gold, and Matte Softest Peach.

The set in October will include
- Liner in Deep Bronze
- Gloss in Shimmering Raspberry
- Blush in Passion
- Eyeshadow Quad with Shimmering Buff, Shimmering Sable, Shimmering Cocoa, and Matte Coffee Bean.

I'm so excited about the blush shades, especially when Tickled looks amazingly bright, and I think the blush shades are exclusive to these sets. For the foundation, I chose Medium this time for fall/ winter usage. Gotta say that QVC's TSV is an awesome way to save. Last weekend, it took a lot of me not to order the Laura Geller TSV :) And the fact that they do ship to Canada opens some doors for us, though it's quite costly compared to US shipping.

Hope everyone has a good day, now that we're officially in the summer :) And the Summer Beauty Tour had come to an end last night. Winners will be announced soon. Thanks to those who entered.


  1. I love the set from march. The foundation alone is amazing! I decided to skip this months delivery because they have a new set coming out =) Its called Glow your way to gorgeous, waterproof essentials set...Looks like a great one too!

  2. Can you still order the June set?
    I think I want in on this!

  3. Miranda, thanks so much for the heads up. How come I didn't know about this. Maybe I'll skip the last delivery of the 8th World Wonder :)

    Ashley, hope the update at the top of the post will answer your question :)