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NOTD: LA Girl Escape

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Hey everyone! Today (well actually this whole week) hasn't been going on very smoothly, but I'm glad we are heading toward the weekend. We have 2 days of decent weather but I think that wouldd end tomorrow, I heard.

Before we go on to the NOTD, I want to let you know that I have updated yesterday's post about tarte 8th World Wonder collection to include the latest TSV that tarte will be having on QVC. A good chance for those of you who didn't get the first set.

And here is LA Girl Color Addict in Escape. A pink, yep, it is a pink colour :) Like I mentioned in the haul post, I grabbed this Color Addict line because of the expectation that the gold sheen would shine through. I know that not all shades would turn out perfect, but I want to experience them myself.

So yeah, I tried on a pink and I didn't hate it, lol. Like Hooked, the gold in Escape wasn't terribly visible but changed the base colour depending on the lighting and angles. Most of the time, it looked pink, but then it was peach or coral at times. Pretty cool.

I think I'd declare my love to this line, maybe it's a little early after 2 tries, but I think I love it enough and might as well say it.

That's it from me today, short and sweet :) I'm not feeling very chatty, suffering from a big IMATS withdrawal. It's IMATS LA this weekend, if everyone hasn't known already. I had such an awesome time with both IMATS I had a chance to go to, and have missed a few. Check out my IMATS tag to see what I am talking about. You would be sad too if you missed out all that fun, right?


  1. I normally don't go for pinks but Girl Escape looks nice.
    The gold is so soft but it makes this pink delicate without being overly princess-y.

  2. Ashley, I couldn't have said it better :)