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Senna Eye Appeal set

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

It has been a while since I bought new makeup from Winners. It's next to my favorite Shoppers, so I stop by quite often. That tells you my successful rate isn't as high as lots of you might think :)

A few weeks back, Beauty Thesis mentioned a Senna Cosmetics pack she found at Winners. I heard about Senna, saw their booth at IMATS LA and deals on HauteLook before, but to be honest, their price range is way out of my reach. It's another story if they show up at Winners cause we know they will be on a discount.

I went and got myself a pack, of course :) This is the Eye Appeal 7-pc Eye and Lip set, CAD12.99. Read on to see how much saving I got out of it.

What inside the plastic pouch:
Dual-ended brush called Double Eye brush, reg. $25.
Lip Love, no longer on Senna's website.

3 Eye Colors, reg. $16.50 each:
- Filigree (Metallic Eye Color, a reflective gold)
- Iris (Sheer Glow Eye Color, a gold flecked lavender)
- Murmur (no info on the website).

- Linear Lip liner in Cashmere (light browned peach) - $8 in the "Last Chance" section on Senna website
- Linear Eye liner in Smoke (blackened grey), reg. $17.

Close up on the Eye Colors and liners.

First row, from L-R: Filigree, Iris and Murmur.
The Eye Colors are beautiful, soft and quite pigmented. I use a damp brush, 2 swipes is enough to show the pigmentation on my hand. No fallout on the hand or on the surface of the pans.

Second row, left: Cashmere, right: Smoke.
The liners are quite soft and don't take much to show up the way I want them to. All Senna lip liners now are in the silver packaging, so I assume Cashmere (with black packaging) was discontinued.

Swatches in natural light.
Filigree is a beautiful gold with metallic sheen, but it's a little close to my skin tone to show up clearly. Works well as inner corner colour or on top of another colour for shine.

Iris is almost a duochrome, between a blue and a violet. The picture doesn't do it justice. I'd be happy to wear it all over the lids and call it a day :)

The surprise is with Murmur. It is a very pretty plum/ mauve shade, almost close to a satin finish. No extreme shine but not matte either. Naturally born as a crease colour :)

These swatches are with flash.
Cashmere has a bronze tint to it, would be great pairing with an coral/ bronze lipstick. A fun change from pink and red liners I have.

Smoke is quite an intense matte black with light hint of grey. On the lashline, the grey is hardly visible, so practically speaking, it is matte black eyeliner.

In terms of lasting power, the Eye Colors started to wear off after about 6-7 hours, which isn't bad. The liners however didn't last very long. Even on my hand, they can still be rubbed off easily after an hour. For the retail price, they should perform a little better than that, I'd think.

Lip Love is an ok lip balm. I'm not sure if it is supposed to do anything extra as there is not much information about it on the internet.

The dual ended brush is awesomely soft. I enjoy using it for my eye makeup.

All in all, I'm happy with this Eye Appeal set. Don't think I'm willing to pay full price for the products, but at Winners' price, they are not a bad bargain. A good way to try out the brand.

This is a look I did with all 3 Eye Colors - Filigree in the inner corners, Iris on the rest of the lids and Murmur in the crease. Iris was supposed to be sheer, so it doesn't take the stage, so to speak.

And for that reason, I'd use these Eye Colors for work, with maybe Smoke on the lower lash line instead of the teal I used here. Alternately, Murmur would work as a wash of colour as well.

There are 2 other sets that I saw at Winners, one with 3 Double Dose lip lacquers (retails $22 each) instead of the Eye colors, the other one with the Triple Lips trio ($39 in the "Last Chance" section, valued $66). If you are more of a lip product fan, check these sets out instead.


  1. What a great deal!! The colours are so soft and pretty on you. I hope I can find this here!

  2. I love that look with the darker shade on your lower lash line.

  3. Tracy, I hope you do too. Soft is the right word to describe them :)

    Chris, thank you :)