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NOTD: Adoree Wild Inkberry

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

How has your Easter/ long weekend been? I was just loving the extra day off we get. Squirt certainly loved the chocolate the Easter Bunny brought. When almost everything closed on Friday and Sunday, I had no choice but had to stay home, slept in one day and cleaned up the place the other lol. Didn't bother painting my nails as the polish wouldn't last. So this is a pre-Easter mani that I show you today. A pretty glitter, but not an Easter-like pastel or any nail art :)

The colour is Adoree Wild Inkberry. I know nothing about the brand, assume it is only available in the US as I got it in a blog sale. As soon as I saw a swatch of it, I gotta have it lol, like I need another glitter nail polish.

Application was not bad at all. This is 2 coats, if I remember correctly. It is pretty on its own, an awesome weekend kind of shade.

If you want to wear it to work, simply slap a silver or gold crackle on top. The intense glitters would only peek through the cracks, and the look would be subtle, I promise. I did this a few times when I didn't want to take off the glitters just yet.

I had more than 2 days of wear out of Wild Inkberry, not bad as I didn't expect more than that normally anyway.

A blurry pic for the glitters to shine - as my first 2 pics can't seem to capture them well enough. Now you agree with me that it's pretty, right? :)

What are you up to today? I gotta make my way to Shoppers to get a few things. Was hoping they already had the latest Jungle Belle collection from Annabelle but they didn't (yes, I called and checked). If you haven't seen this collection, you gotta check it out and yell at me when you find it. Please and thank you :) The packaging itself is worth killing for lol, and the colours, oh the colours! I'm afraid if I blink, I'd miss it again like previous collections.


  1. Nice color. Don't know the brand, but that isn't unusual. Often times there are small brands released in different parts of the states, but not everywhere.

  2. Loving the colour and sad I can't get it here. Take it easy :)

  3. I love this colour! Very pretty!

  4. It looks awesome! I could just wear that at work without taking the glitters out of it.

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  5. Chris, it's very interesting to know that the brand isn't everywhere. Not easy to keep up with brands like that huh?

    And ladies, I'm happy that you like the colour :)