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NOTD: Revlon Mad About Mango

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

First day back to work for me today. Wish I was a bit more productive yesterday, but I was in a lazy mood :-)

This was what I have been wearing during Easter weekend. It's the scented Revlon Mad About Mango, part of the Fruitful Temptations collection came out a while back. I added a layer of Claire's Crush on top, for some glitter shine.

This is a revisit, as I posted a NOTD with it last August. The picture was a bit far of focus then, so I thought I could retake some.

For some reason, the colour didn't show up as bright as it is IRL. This is the closest one I could get, just imagine it's alsmost neon, a really bright orange/ coral shade.

And the scent was lovely, mild and sweet. It lingered around for quite some time too. And no chip after 3 days, which was great. Application was easy, I think I have quite good luck with Revlon.

This picture is in indirect sunlight, a bit closer to the real colour but still not neon-y enough.

I found it's getting harder to capture the real polish colours lately, don't know it's my camera or just the way some colours show in photographs. Really admire the nail bloggers that do collection swatches, must be a lot of work all at once.

The forecast says the warm weather won't stay around here this week, as we will be back to regular spring weather soon. Oh well, at least we had a warm Easter. Have a nice day!


  1. This is one of my favorite nail polishes!

  2. i love scented polishes :D

    i agree with you it's awesome the bloggers who review a whole collection (imagine a glitter collection, that must be a PITA to remove)

  3. I'm pretty curious over those scented nail polishes.

    I just got Minted yesterday! I can't wait to try it out! It will be my first experience ever with a Revlon anil enamel ^^

  4. Latinmix, so glad you like it too :-)

    amusedPolish, I do too. I change my polish every 2-3 days, and already think it's a lot of work, lol

    Gaby, hope you like Minted. It's a hit colour, and Revlon application is normally good. Let me know how you like it.