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Annabelle Spring 2015

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

It has been a slippery morning getting to work today.

We constantly had snow, then temp rose and rain melted that snow to cause flooding, and a flash freeze turned everything to an ice rink. Then repeat!

What can be more appropriate than talking about spring makeup to distract ourselves?

I have for you today Annabelle Spring 2015 launch. There is something for everyone - lip, cheek and face products.

If you missed Annabelle's first LE Lipsies releases (8 singles and 3 holiday duos), the product is now added to the permanent line!

Lipsies are the moisturizing and glossy lip balms that offer a range of tints from clear to shades of sheer pink, accompanied by delicious but subtle fruit scents.

Tinted lip balms are not new, I realize that. But a modern/ non-traditional packaging for them is new and I give Annabelle props for doing that, and also for adding the twist up mechanism to the tubes. I would say Lipsies are the grown-up version of lip balms.

I received Coco-Vanilla and Fruit Punch to review, among the 12 shades in the line, $4.95 each.

Coco-Vanilla is that adorable vanilla treat to your lips without alternating your lip colour. It has been with me every night and more.

Fruit Punch brings a wash of pink to your lips, natural looking and fun. The scent does reminds me of fruit punch or a fruity sizzling pop.

You won't be able to see the colourless Coco-Vanilla in the swatches below but it is not any less exciting compared to Fruit Punch.

Update: I now have a full swatch post of the entire Annabelle Lipsies line. Follow the link for more details.

On to the cheeks, Annabelle has added more shades to their Blushon line this Spring. And here is one of them - Spring Petal.

I like the fact that the brand stresses on smooth and natural colours in Blushon line with micro-milled powder. Reach for one when you natural looking cheeks with a soft matte or subtle-shimmer finish.

Spring Petal is so me (swatched below) but there are also Lotus, Rosebud, Peony and Ibiscus this season. Blushons are paraben/ gluten free, 0.1oz/ 3g, $7.95 each.

Haute Gold has been a famous Zebra Bronzing powder from Annabelle for the last few summers. I hit pan on the original version I have (smaller size, see below) and already have the Biggy sized one as a backup.

When I think I can't love Haute Gold any more, Annabelle gave me Matte Gold!

I have been a matte finish convert recently with my eyeshadows and blushes, but it does take a bit more time to tone down the shimmers in my bronzer (and highlighter), for a simple reason that I want my face to glow.

Well, Matte Gold did the job nicely in this department. I can still glow with a matte bronzer! Check out this FOTD to see just that :)

A size and shade comparison between a Biggy Matte Gold and the original Haute Gold ( 0.37oz/ 10.7g).

The Zebra bronzing powders are 0.54oz/ 15.4g, $11.95 each, can be used on face, shoulders, neckline, decollete and even legs. There is a Dark Gold for darker skin tones.

Here is how Spring Petal and Matte Gold look next to each other, layered heavily to show you the colours.

Both are very age appropriate for me, or for anyone that are after a natural look this Spring. I am in love with both!

I'll browse for swatches of other Lipsies shades to get me some more and hold on tight to Matte Gold until Summer :)

Spring will be fabulous for Canadians, at least makeup wise. Annabelle Spring items are available this month, have you seen them in stores?