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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

It has been a while since I post a haul, so this was overdue eh? Let's get to it!

Real Techniques was not new at Winners, but I found those new individual brushes that I haven't had, so I grabbed 2.

Here are the Retractable bronzer brush (orange), $14.99 (comparable at $20) and Retractable kabuki brush (pink), $8.99 (comparable at $12).

I was a little concerned seeing the retractable kabubi not as wide/ fluffy but reviews said it was more of a travel version of the Expert face brush, which I liked. Do I need both of these brushes?

Across the street at Marshalls, I got 2 Elf 100 eyeshadow palettes on clearance for $4 - $5 each (reg. $12.99 - $14.99, comparable at $20). Love this price point a lot better :)

I think the black version is still on Elf website for $10, and the white version said "Class of 2014" on it and had more matte shades.

I loved the few marble shades that both palettes had. I know once on the eyes, the marble effect won't be visible, but they are pretty to look at.

I did place an order with Sephora 20% F&F (thanks E for getting me the code) mainly for First Aid Beauty Cheers to Fab Skin set, reg. $60 ($125 value).

Sets are awesome with undeniable savings, not a bad way to be introduced to a brand either.

The set includes:
- Face cleanser (2oz, reg. $12)
- Facial Radiance pads (28's, reg. $14)
- Ultra Repair cream (6oz, reg. $35)
- Ultra Repair Lip therapy (0.5oz, reg. $15)
- Eye Duty Triple remedy (0.34oz, reg. $45).

I wanted the eye cream for forever. With the set, after 20% off, it's like I bought the eye cream and paid $3 for the other 4 items. Even though we Canadians pay 25% more than Americans ($48), I won't complain :)

Other items I grabbed while I was at it:
- Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Box O' Blushes (reg. $43)
Another great valued set, and my boxed blush stash is almost complete now
- Urban Decay Anarchy Face case (available on the sale page for $23 for a split second)
- And lastly, the Hourglass Ambient blush palette (reg. $67), no explanation needed right?

I still have a few items in the cart, pending another order and kept adding things in/ taking things out. Still have about 2 days to decide. What have you been getting?

I was killing time at Superstore before my gym class and saw a few L'Oreal products on clearance for 50% off.

That were the whole lines of Magic Nude liquid powders, Infallible lip, and Colour Caresse stains, etc., not just selected shades. I don't know if the lines are being revamped or replaced.

I picked up the Magic Nude liquid powder in True Beige, around $8. I am not sure if this is my shade though.

Also grabbed a Joe Fresh Waterproof eyeshadow pencil in Taupe to try as it was 20% off this week (reg. $8). The sticker on the cap said 8 hrs, sounds promising huh?

Lastly, I thought I should include the OPI appearance at Dollarama, if you miss my Weekly Flyer deal update.

The 2 shades I got were Girl Color (a sheer pink jelly with beautiful green shimmer) and Stir-fried Eggplant (dark plum with multi-coloured shimmers). These are rebottled shades so you won't be able to find them in OPI listing, but that does not bother me. Have fun browsing your Dollarama for more.

A small update for Maybelline creamy matte lipsticks: my Target had 3x8 slots (still empty at the time), with a price sticker of $8.99. This might mean we only get 8 shades in the line (3 tubes each) and sadly confirm a reader's comment about not seeing Divine Wine and Craving Coral at her Walmart.


  1. Nice haul!! I always get tempted by the brushes at Winners too for some reason. I don't really need any. I also made an order at Sephora just very recently with the 20% code from a lovely, nice, employee who really is a stranger to me. I'm so grateful!

    I got the Hourglass blush palette, the Urban Decay Full Frontal lipstick stash, Tarte Cheek duo and a Benefit powder. Still waiting for my order but I'm really excited. I've never done such a big order at Sephora. :D

    1. Nice Sephora haul, I had a really hard time deciding items in my cart :)

  2. Urgh, so jealous of your Sephora code! I'm kind of bummed that we're prob. not going to get all of the creamy matte shades but to be honest, I got four and I wasn't overly impressed with any of them. I feel like the colour intensity just wasn't there in any of them. I prefer the Milini lipsticks in the gold label. But the formula of the creamy mattes is incredible, so I'll give them that

    1. Sephora employees posted lots of code offers on instagram (that was where my friend got me a code), but the VIB sale is coming next week, so no worries. Interesting to know that the Milani lipsticks performed better for you, I like them too, maybe should get more :)

    2. Oh really? Makes me wish I was on Instagram.... I saw that the VIB sale is coming up, I'm not a VIB yet though so I might not be able to benefit, but I'm *this close* to getting VIB status (curse Sephora and all it's pretties! They're murder on the wallet ;) ) so I just might squeak into VIB status in time for the sale :)

    3. You should absolutely get more Milani lipsticks ;) I have tons of them and a couple of the Nars Audacious lipsticks / velvet matte lip pencil. The Milani's aren't as good as those but they're darn close and considering you can get em for $4 when they're on sale, they're a steal!

    4. I heard the sale includes BIs as well, don't know if you need to rush to become a VIB. I can order stuff for you too, if you like :)

    5. Oh good!! I'm glad it includes BIs, too. Thank you for the offer to order stuff in case it doesn't include BIs! I'll keep that in mind!!

    6. Sorry that they finally posted the info, only VIB Rouges and VIBs but I can always order stuff to send over your way

    7. Darn! Thanks for letting me know :) I'll look over my wishlist and if there's something I *need* to have right now I'll ask :)