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Make Up For Ever HD cream blush

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

It has been a while since I was floored by a blush. Sure I have come across many blushes that I like, cream or powder, but something about this one that makes me come back every time :)

This is a Make Up For Ever HD Second Skin cream blush, a new generation of cream blushes they call it. To me, it is almost weightless on the skin, blends so easily and looks natural on and off cameras with the minimal amount of effort.

I have tested the blush with light and heavy hand, with my fingers and with a blush brush, couldn't find anything I did not like about it :)

According to Make Up For Ever, these blushes have a perfect blend of silicone and dry oils, with waxes and silica powders to diffuse light for a smooth texture, infinite blendability and long lasting formula. And the clear mother of pearl and pigments are what make it glow.

The thin compact is great to tote around, and the mirror is handy to have. A+ for packaging to pair with A+ for quality.

Among the 16 shades (#200's to #500's) available in the range (to suit every skin tone with cool and warm undertones), I chose #510 Raspberry to review. I prefer darker shades on my eyes and cheeks and this shade also gets an A+.

I swatch Raspberry with my finger (left) and with a brush (right), no base. It looks scary in the pan and before blending, but see what I meant about it looking so natural blended?

The blush could be worn over or under a powder, but it is great just by itself, the way I prefer it anyway. Only a tiny amount is needed, so this compact will last me a long time.

I saw this instruction from the brand of different blush techniques we can use with these blushes, thought it might be helpful for you. Click to enlarge, if you need to.

- Classic (for all face shapes): on the cheekbone from the hairline to the apple of the cheek with figure 8 motion
- Sculpting (round or square face shape); from the hairline toward the mouth (not close to the nose), blend upward
- Healthy glow (oval face shape): on the cheekbone with circular motion
- Highlighting (heart face shape): upper cheekbone toward the area under the eyes, blend toward the temples.

I found my blush looks best when I sweep it from under the cheekbone toward the temples, blend upward, then tap whatever left on the brush along the hairline up from the temples.

I totally recommend #510 Raspberry if you have skin tone like mine. Here is the FOTD so you can see how it looks on! Check out the whole line, there will be a shade that works for you. They are out now, retails $31 each (0.09oz/ 2.8g).


  1. LOL That is really scary in the pan. XD Does blend out nicely, though. Thanks for the tip sheet!

    1. Yeah, don't be turned off by the way the blush looks. It is so nice on :)