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Marcelle skin care sets

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I was away for a month before Christmas, missed out on beautiful holiday releases. Spotted some Marcelle holiday skin care gift sets at Shoppers last week and I couldn't pass them up. Sets are always of better value than getting individual products by themselves, and are often on sale after the holidays.

All sets come with a gorgeous sequined bag (black or white), housing 4 different products. I have tried and loved quite a few, so I'll include the links to my reviews, if you need to read more.

First up is the Hydra-C set, reg. $38.95 (valued $74), I paid $25.

The content includes:
- Hydra-C Energizing Hydrating gel (50ml)
- Hydra-C Eye Contour Gel cream (15ml)
- Hydra-C Double Action - Cleansing + Exfoliating cloths (25's)
- Hydra-C Gentle Self-Foaming cleanser (150ml).

As you might have heard, Marcelle has recently revamped the whole Hydra-C line with new exciting products, suitable for all skin types. Besides the Cleansing + Exfoliating cloths, the Ultra Light Mattifying Fluid that I tried was also great, so I certainly wanted to try more products from this line. All products in this set are full sized, can't beat that.

Next is the 1st Wrinkles set - Wrinkle prevention, reg. $42.95 (valued $84), also cost me $25.

This has:
- Essentials 1st Wrinkles Day cream SPF15 (50ml)
- Essentials 1st Wrinkles Eye Contour cream (15ml)
- Essentials Foaming Cleansing gel (170ml)
- Essentials Gentle Makeup remover for Sensitive eyes (150ml).

This set has my favorite eye cream and a great face wash, I have high hopes for the other two. The SPF in the day cream is certainly appreciated. This set is great for my sister, as 1st Wrinkles seem to be her main skincare concern.

Lastly, the Revival set - Regeneration for Mature skin, reg. $49.95 (valued $95), I paid $32. A little early for my skin (the products target 50+ age range) but prevention is key and I like the serum I tried.

The set comes with:
- Revival Intense Anti-aging Day care (50ml)
- Revival Intense Anti-aging Eye Contour care (15ml)
- Revival Firming + Brightening Cream serum (15ml)
- Essentials Soothing Cleansing water (200ml).

The serum is mini sized in this set, which I am a little sad about as I'm on the last drops of the bottle I have. But I'm excited to try the other two products in the line. The cleansing water, I mentioned it twice before on this blog already. It is one of the best makeup removers I have tried.

If you can still find these at your store, snatch them up!

While we are talking about Marcelle, I finally got you the pic of the new display that includes the latest products Marcelle introduces this Spring. I found it at Lawtons but it also arrived at my Shoppers already. Check your stores :)

On the left is the Renforcils Waterproof makeup remover gel with Lash Fortifying complex, $17.50. Right in front of it is the tear pad of $2 coupons for them (or the mascara).

In the middle, way at the back are the new Xtension Plus mascara in gorgeous black and red packaging, $12.50, in Black and Dark Brown. On the front are the Duo Eyebrow-Pro pencils in Blond, Brunette and Dark, $14.95. These have automatic pencil on one end and gel on the other.

And on the right are Lux Cream Eyeshadow + Liner pencils, $13.95. A jumbo pencil format, with a extra sponge tip at the other end for smudging, 8 different shades.

Spring has been a busy season for Marcelle, with the BB cream release and now this. I'm all stocked up on my skin care faves, maybe looking into some makeup from this display next. Any products here that you are excited about?


  1. Nice deals you got on these skincare kits. I am out of my 1st Wrinkles eye contour cream (Holy Grail) and makeup remover wipes. Will try to see if I can find these as well :) score!!

    Loving the new display! Awesome products. Can't wait to try the cream shadow pencils and the DUO eye brow! Woot!!

  2. I looooooooove the Hydra-C range! My favorite!

  3. ahhh~ I haven't seen it at my SDM as of yet...but i keep searching! hopefully they will have it out soon :P I wanna swatch xD

  4. Mel, when I saw the eye cream in the set, I thought I had to buy the whole thing, silly huh?

    Gaby, Hydra-C is great to explore more into :)

    Rasilla, hopefully soon

  5. Dear Sparkling Beauty ;o),

    I love you you love thee! If our company ever went public instead of private, you would HAVE to buy stocks! Lol.

  6. Oh you trust that I would, maybe after I try to get a job there first haha