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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

One of the highlights of my weekend was finding a big jackpot of Cargo makeup palettes at Winners. I went hunting for them after seeing a tweet about their very first appearance at Winners, but was still surprised of how much there were and how cheap they were sold for.

This is a quick snap shot of what I bought, and these weren't all from the brand on the shelf, mind you. I wasn't sure what was worth getting, so I grabbed a few and check out the reviews later.

First up is the City of Lights kit, supposed to be an Ulta-exclusive 2009 holiday collection, org. $34, Winners' price $14.99.

The set includes an eyeshadow quad in Paris, an eye pencil in Boogie Nights, a Face and Body sparkle and a lip gloss quad in Tijuana.

The red metal case was very eye-catching, with the clear window to show the products inside. Totally holiday appropriate, so was the name. The shades (of both eyeshadows and lip glosses) are however not too bold, more for a shy holiday look.

The next 3 items were $19.99 each, as their regular prices were a little higher than the first set.

Here is the 7in7 Mini kit, reg. $39. Note that this is not the full sized kit which retailed $59 regularly.

The content includes mini size of:
- OneBase (concealer and foundation in one)
- Eyeshadow palette with 4 neutral shades
- Eye pencil in Brown
- LashActivator mascara
- Beach Blush in Sunset Beach
- Reverse Lip liner in 01
- Classic Lip gloss with Timestrip technology in Tobago.

Again, this set I found is aiming toward neutral/ everyday looks, if that is what you are looking for.

If you are more of a bold kinda girl, this it for you - the Catwalk kit, reg. $49, on sale for $34 on Cargo's site.

What it comes with:
- Essential Palette in Gray
- Blush in Big Easy, Rome and Topeka
- Medium bronzer
- 6 Button Eye Shadows in Emerald Green, Charcoal Blue, Shimmering Green-Gold, Golden Brown, Dusk Blue and Matte Purple.

I have wanted this kit since the first time I saw a picture of it, but could never fork out that much money to get it full price. Was really happy to pay Winners' price for it :)

And the last palette I got was the Dare to Play kit, reg. $45.

This one is also more colourful, with:
- Eyeshadow base in Sheer Nude, Shimmering Shell, and Soft Beige
- Pressed eyeshadows in Popsicle Purple, Iced Mauve, Teal, Electric Blue and Sparkling Green Tea
- Glitter-filled eyeshadows in complementary shades.

Now we're talking, the glittery shades are totally for the holiday.

It was a miracle that I found these palettes in great condition, nobody decided to test out the shades in store. If you are a fan of the brand, hit your Winners ASAP.

Continue my good luck streak, I found awesome stuff on clearance at my trusted Lawtons as well.

I was excited seeing these Annabelle Dust Lust pigment stacks a while back. They come with 3 pigment dusts and a small brush, valued at $30, retail $9.99, already a steal. A better steal is to get them at 50% off :)

These are, from L-R:
- Funshine Fever, with Solar, Cool Mint and Prism
- Disco Glow with Tidal, Limelight and Golden Pink
- Shimmer Vibe with Azure, Chiffon and Cool Mint.

Looks like this is a combination of permanent and LE shades. I can't confirm if Cool Mint was misplaced in one of the stacks, or it was intentional, but it is a cool shade to have anyway.

More joy to be had when I found these Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks in the clearance bin for 75% off.

I'd assume that they are LE shades being cleared out to free shelf space. No idea why one has off-white cap and the other two have red caps.

From L-R: Color Sensational lipsticks in Glisten Up Pink, Fuchsia Fever and Pink Satin, reg. $9.99 each.

Some LA Splash products were on 75% off as well. I tried to be good to pick out just 3 Diamond Dusts.

From L-R: Golden Smoke, Platinum Sand and Copper Glow, paid $2.24 a piece.

Lastly, I went to take advantage of The Body Shop 3/ $30 bath, body and hair products sale in the weekend. Good time to grab the Spa Wisdom products, as they are normally a little pricy to buy.

- Spa Wisdom Polynesia Monoi Body balm, reg. $24
- Spa Wisdom Morocco Black Olive and Argan Oil scrub, reg. $28
- Spa Wisdom Africa Ximenia and Salt scrub, reg. $28.

With the sale, these were more than half off, I was happy.

Could have got more, but I was a little disappointed as the 2 promotions that I wanted to pair with my purchase were not offered at my store. TBS tweeted that with $30 purchase from October 20 till November 20, we can get 6-month subscription of Elle magazine and a free Shimmering cube. The store said they ran out of the subscription cards, and the shimmering cube promo was meant for November, so I went home with neither.

Update: The free Shimmering cube promo requires a coupon from Elle Canada magazine (Health & Beauty guide), November edition. I have the magazine but can't find the coupon anywhere. Also, more subscription cards are sent to the stores, so they'll have more. For my sad little purchase, prob there isn't anything they can do at this point :(

Hope your weekend was relaxing and fun. I am still looking for the energy to fully unpack and put stuff away.


  1. Omg, I saw those Cargo sets at a Winners close by and didn't pick them up :( Yep, I'm kicking myself for that one!

  2. OMG you always manage to find such amazing deals!
    It's one of the (many) reasons why I enjoy reading your blog though it sometimes makes me a little (very little) jealous ^_^

  3. Looks like you got lots of fun stuff!

  4. Wow, girl, you hauled like none other! I'm totally jealous of those Annabelle pigments!

  5. Damn Lawtons and those orange stickers! I had already picked up a full-priced tube of the pigments from Shoppers awhile ago. Oh well, I suppose I can't complain -- it was still an amazing deal!

  6. Kelly, it's always a hard decision on the spot. Hope you can go back and hunt for them now

    Chocaddict, thanks for the support, as always :)

    Karen, it was a little too much fun lol

    Shayla, I'm lucky with these finds

    Jilliterate, we love Lawtons for their orange stickers, don't we? :)

  7. oh nice haul.
    all my marshalls had what one 7 in 7 in med. I might have to walk the two blocks to the winners and see what is there

  8. I wouldn't have made the connection to Marshall if you didn't mention it. If they have better price, it might be worth it to ask my friend to stop over her store

  9. Glisten up pink belongs to the High Shine range (which has a different scent and a sheer/more moisturizing formula) so it features different packaging. I did get some of those high shine lipstick at clearance a few months ago, which is a little strange since they are in the permanent line-up.

  10. Citrine, thanks so much for clarifying this. I totally forgot about the High Shines :) No idea why these are cleared out either, but it's good for us lol