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NOTD: NYX Girls Frizzy Spots

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Glitters on! I waited so long to get this nail polish, it was always sold out on Cherry Culture every time I browsed. I ended up finding this shade at a beauty supply store near where the bf lives.

This is NYX Girls Frizzy Spots, a murky greyish black base with multi coloured/ shaped glitters.

It looks black in the bottle, and I believe if I build up the colour on the nail, it would ultimately look black, but I was going for a lighter jelly look.

This is 2 coats of Frizzy Spots all by itself, no darker base. You can see the glitter colours better in the sun (above pic), but I like the sheer jelly look in the shade better.

If a glitter sandwich is what you are after, this would look great on top of a black. You can call this a lazy sandwich, when layering different polishes isn't necessary. And like I said, you can add another layer for opacity.

I like the square bottles in this NYX Girls line. The brush is standard, nothing to write home about, but colour selection is great, some gems to be found for sure. If you happen to come across this shade, I'd totally recommend it.

It officially feels like fall here today when I broke down and wore my shoes with socks. Didn't want to let go of my sandals just yet, but had to, as it was nippy this morning. And I saw on twitter last night, someone was complaining about the heat haha...

Hope you all have a great day. The weekend find post is delayed a bit, as I plan to take advantage of the x20 point offer at Shoppers tomorrow. In the meantime, go enter my Annabelle Best of Black collection giveaway. Participation rate is important to decide if I want to host more giveaways in the future, so don't wait.


  1. Gorgeous polish!

    Ps. I'm in Halifax, and have recently started nail polish hunting. Any store recommendations? I'd appreciate it a whole bunch :) Thanks!

  2. Hi Julie, it depends on what brands you are interested in. I go to Shoppers, Lawtons, Sally's Beauty, Chatters, Superstore (for the Joe Fresh brand), La Senza, Claire's and Icing, Winners, Del Sol for nail polish. Sephora is new in town, carries its own line of nail polish. Feel free to browse the tag list on the right hand side for brands :)

  3. such a pretty colour you got there !

    xxx Vee