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NOTD: Sally Girl pink holo

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

It's sunny out, so let's talk holo nail polish :)

This is a surprise find at Sally. Squirt was asking for some nail polish for herself, and I thought Sally Girl would be perfect. I happened to pick up this little bottle before I realized it was a pink holo. And I of course have to test it out.

The holo effect is visible in the bottle and on the nails, but it's not in the face kinda shine. Considering the nail polish world not having enough holos, this is a nice addition, I might add.

Application with this polish was easy. I believe I did 2 coats here, no VNL. Despite the size (of the bottle and of the brush), I didn't have any issue painting my nails.

These Sally Girl are ideal for travelling. The tiny bottles didn't take much space at all, and if you happen to lose them, they aren't hard to replace. I used to carry quite a few (regular sized) bottles of nail polish with me, kept worrying they'd break/ spill, even when I carefully wrapped them up. Problem solved now!

You can probably see the shade a little better here. The holo is a lot more visible IRL, I just can't seem to capture it.

I think Sally Girl nail polish are $.99 in the US and CAD1.39 (or something) around here. They sometimes go on sale too. Pick a few up to try out, you'll have fun with them.

So, big and small nail polish companies out there, please make more of the holo goodness. We don't mind if it comes in tiny little bottles like this or big huge full sizes. The end! :)


  1. i like it...i too wish that there were more holos out there and that the ones that HAVE come about weren't limited edition! Jeez, enough with the crackles already, give us some pretty holos! And make them permanent, tired of cream polishes

    Vonnie of

  2. lol its true~!
    i wouldn't care if it was small or big...
    just if they would just freaking make more of them xD

  3. Vonnie and Rasilla, great minds have the same desire, don't they? haha