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Marcelle new eye products

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Exciting news, Marcelle has some fab products coming out that enable our bright eye colour dreams.

A little birdie told me there will be 10 awesome shades of Marcelle Lux Eye Dusts (retail CAD 11.95 a pop) and 8 new shades of Waterproof Eyeliners (CAD9.95 each). If you are a fan of bright colours, check these pretties out.

I have to review for you today:
- Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner in Electric Blue (left)
- Marcelle Lux Eye Dust in Go-Violet (right).

Product concept, at the first glance, is not new but colour options are always welcome. Let's dive into them.

The Waterproof eyeliners are supposed to be smooth and long lasting. The formula allows easy gliding and no pulling.

The Eye Dusts should be highly pigmented, true to colours with a light formula. They can be used dry or wet, mixed in with body cream, clear lip glosses and nail polish for multiple looks.

I like what I see here with the products out of the plastic wraps. The Eye Dust packaging is exactly the same as that of Annabelle Studio Pigments (other than the colour of the lids), if you are familiar with them.

Here they are side by side for comparison.

I used Annabelle Studio Pigment in Karma, as it's also a purple and I wanted to see how close the colours are between the 2 pots. Swatches are below, if you also wonder.

This packaging minimizes spills with the little hole in the middle but you will have to use a small eyeshadow brush to get to the product, or you have to pour some pigment out on a mixing plate.

From L-R: Electric Blue, Go-Violet and Karma.

Electric Blue is a beautiful sky blue, application was smooth and easy. And being waterproof is certainly a bonus, it stayed on very well on my lower lash line.

Go-Violet is a lilac purple with a light blue sheen on top, while Karma has a lot more blue in a darker purple base. Application wise, Go-Violet is lighter and easier to blend. It also lasts longer on my lids - stay tuned for the FOTD with a shot at the end of the day to prove it :)

A different angle/ lighting, still in natural light. You can see the sheen a little better on Go-Violet. Still in love with purple, different shades of purple all together :)

Love the colour options Marcelle is bringing out. I have branched out from black/ brown liners this summer. I can go crazy with colours on the lids but not much with liners. Annabelle Smudgeliners and Smooth liners actually got me started. Call me Canadian on this, as Marcelle group does make great eyeliners all around and I love to get you started on them too.

Lastly, flash pic. Good that the flash didn't change how the colours look too much.

Needless to say, I like both of the two new products. As I mentioned at the beginning, there will be a lot of colours for these, I can't wait to check them out once I find them in stores.

And I'm not done with new products, so expect more posts from me. Hope you enjoy it.

The thunderstorm was over late last night, but lots of restaurants close today to recover from power lost over night. We still have gloomy/ rainy weather today. Felt like fall :(

For my local readers, Sephora is opening next Friday - see my Halifax Sephora post if you missed it. I'll be at the ribbon cutting ceremony, hoping to bring you more coverage about the store and product highlights.


  1. Beautiful colours, and they all look amazing on you!

  2. They look so pretty! Will need to check them out for sure!

  3. I hope the eye dust is more like Annabelle's Mineral Eye Dust rather than the Studio Pigments, which I hate. Honestly, I hate that packaging so much I might avoid this product altogether -- I repotted my Studio Pigments into some little jars I had, and it was a struggle. I had to use a brush to try and scoop the powder out!

    (In spite of all my grumpiness, I delight in Marcelle putting out some brighter eyeshadows!)

  4. Wait...
    these are swatches dry?!
    I read over the post looking for info about what you used to use them wet...but couldn't find them.
    crazy that they are this pigmented!

    And thanks for the review :)
    I was curious about them. However my pigments at the moment do not get very much love...
    So no more pigments for me (seeing as I have MAC and the Annabelle ones all over the place haha)

  5. Melli, hope you like my FOTD posted next :)

    Tracy, hope you find a colour or two that you like

    Jilliterate, I can understand your frustration with the packaging. I'm all about colours, can forgive the little holes in the pots lol

    Rasilla, damp swatches :) I'm coming back to my pigments recently, they are kinda inspiring