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Annabelle Best of Black collection

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Are you ready for Fall? I know I'm not, even I know for a fact that it'd come not too long after my birthday (Thank you for all the sweet birthday wishes yesterday, btw, everyone). But when it comes to makeup, I welcome all seasons. Thought I had some time before this collection hits the store but I just saw a pretty display at Shoppers last night. So here it is, Annabelle's Best of Black collection for Fall 2011. Smoky eyes with an edge is what the collection is meant for, and I agree.

Are you a fan of black? Get ready, as black is what you get with this collection:

- Glitterama in Blast Off (new shade, glitter in gel base), retails around CAD8.50
- Liquid eyeliner in Black Spark (new shade, with metalized shimmer finish), CAD8.50
- Smoothliner in Metal Daze (new shade), CAD6.95
- Smoothie eyeshadow pencil in Licoriche, CAD8.95
- Le Big Show mascara (new product) in Black, CAD9.95.

Swatches, in the same order.
- Blast Off has pretty black and silver sparkles in clear gel, looks great on top of regular liners or eyeshadows
- Black Spark has beautiful shine. Its foam tip applicator makes it a lot easier to apply for a snob like me
- Metal Daze got me for the silver specks on top of the black. They are less visible on the lids, so no crazy sparkly looks, if you are concerned
- Licoriche was part of the new Smoothie Eyeshadow Pencils post, so I wouldn't say too much about it here
- Le Big Show mascara gives the darkest black.

The swatches again in natural day light.

At the right angle, Blast Off could give some crazy glittery sheen, which I happened to capture here. Same case with Black Spark with its silver sheen. Metal Daze's specks are still visible too, I guess they would be noticeable if you do a cat eye/ wing liner.

All products have quite good staying power on my lids. Although only the Smoothliner officially claims the waterproof status, I didn't experience any smudging with any of these items.

All first four products above are not new (just new shades), so I figure the spot light is leaning toward the Le Big Show mascara.

The brush is pretty standard, except for the smaller tapered head that I love big time. It helps getting to the too-short-to-notice inner lashes a lot easier, and is also a lash separating tool when I hold the wand upright. It would work well for the lower lashes as well, it's just that I don't have the habit of attending to mine, so I can't comment on this.

Now that you have the first glance at this Best of Black collection, stay tuned for my FOTD of first smoky eye attempt ever :)


  1. The Smoothie eyeshadow pencils are amazing, I love them! The new mascara looks interesting too, like the look of the brush(:

  2. Always great to hear someone else enjoys the Smoothies, so I don't sound like a broken record lol. Thanks, Gaby