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Canadian FOTD

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Yay, the long weekend has begun. It couldn't have come at a better time, I needed it. It has been a hard week.

Squirt and I went out tonight, to a store a bit out of the way as I "needed" something quite badly lol, then we hung out at the mall. Did some damage, but that is for another post.

Today is a FOTD. You all know I don't do FOTDs very often, as my skin is hardly of any good condition to show. It still isn't, but as the pictures turned out ok, I decided to make a post. I was using all Canadian makeup products for this look, thought it would be fun for the occasion.

I did the makeup at 6:30 in the morning, then rushed out the door, as always. By the time I took these pictures, it had been 4-5 hours in. No smearing or fading, don't you love when that happens?

All pics were taken near a window, no flash.

The Canadian products I used:
- Marcelle Matte Finish makeup in Barely There, I did mix it with tarte Amazonian Clay Balancing foundation in Tan to get the right shade but it's not a Canadian brand, so we can pretend it wasn't there :)
- CoverFx Camouflage Concealer (Conceal Fx) in Light
- CoverFx Translucent Loose Mineral Powder (Setting Fx) in Light
- Annabelle Mineral Powder Blush in Hush
- Annabelle Zebra Trio Eyeshadow in Savanna Sun (the middle shade) for the inner corners
- Joe Fresh Eyeshadow in Grape for the outer corners
- Annabelle 4Show Eyeshadow in Vivid-Eye (the off white shade) for highlight
- Marcelle Power Volume Mascara in Black
- Annabelle Smoothie Eyeshadow Pencil in Grapefull as liner on the lower lash line - my favorite way to wear these pencils lately. They are colourful and last forever, awesome on the lash lines.
- Annabelle Le Gloss Stick in Naughty Nectar (discontinued). As this shade slightly faded after a few drink of tea and water, I added Marcelle Rouge Xpression lipstick in Paris Rose on top.

The list seems quite long, still I missed a few Canadian brands whose products I have in the stash. Maybe Canadian FOTD, take 2? :)

Another full face shot, if you haven't seen enough of me. I was snapping pics like crazy during the morning break in my office :) Also did a Canadian FOTD yesterday but I forgot the camera at home, so no pics then and I have to try again today. It's a lot of work to commit to a daily series, I have to admit :)

It was casual Thursday (as Friday is a holiday this week), which explained the hoodie I was wearing. I always have some kind of sweater on in the office because of the AC. While we are on the topic, what do you wear to work in the summer? Do you plan to do some cool shopping this weekend (long weekend in Canada and the US). If things follow the same pattern as last year, summer clothing clearance sale will start pretty soon (if it hasn't already). I'm kinda excited for that, as I have been doing more makeup shopping than clothes.

I'm zooming in the eyes and lips so you can see a bit better. Hard to show you how pretty the Smoothie pencil on the lower lash line. It stay put for a really long time, didn't smudge even when my eyes were watering during the day.

Paris Rose is not normally "me" but I have been wearing non-stop it since summer started. A pretty bright pink colour is so summer appropriate.

So that is it for my effort to show you my Canadian pride. What are you all up to this weekend? Wish I could get away somewhere fun and relaxing, camping would be awesome too. Have a great weekend, ladies!


  1. I really love the eyeshadow colours you used. They're slightly smokey but the shades are definitely not plain! Pretty! :)

  2. Awww, thanks so much for the sweet comment. I'm going nuts pairing odd colours together lol