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NOTD: Ozotic Pro 609

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Holo! The world needs more of these shiny blinding nail polish to brighten everyone's day. Why don't they make more? Is it really that hard to make?

Yep, I do need some brightening. Sunday was overcast all day, and probably today as well (started out with some rain). So here is a rainbow: Ozotic Pro 609.

If my pics fail to tell you, this is a shy holo in the shade. Most of the time indoor, it looks like a shimmery metallic silver. Pretty in its own way, but like most of the 600's holo from Ozotic Pro, it is not linear holo without the sun light.

With flash, it shines better, but still the holo is not strong enough to capture on camera. You gotta wear it to see it.

You can see the colour a little better here. Considering how hard it is to get a hold of this brand outside Australia and the price tag, I did have a bit of high hope.

This is 3 coats, still a bit sheer. For some reason, I don't mind it with this shade, as a transparent look somehow works on its favour. I love to wear it to work.

Wear wise, I had a good 2 days and more, until I felt like changing the colour. I guess people would stamp/ nail art it to freshen it up, but I suck at it, so... lol

Here is 609 in the sun. A lot better, right? The holo particles came to life and said hi :) The sun was playing hide and seek at the time I took these pics, and I had to run to the other side of the office for it, as my window faces south, no direct sunshine.

Please click the pictures to enlarge, as the beauty of this colour shows up a lot better there. But yeah, the truth is I would recommend the holos in 500's series (yes, I said this before) as they are a lot stronger and more visible on nails and in pics. Sellers of this brand have been raising the price, and shipping isn't cheap, so get the best shades there are.

This is probably the best close up I can get with 609 in the sun. I do like it and didn't regret getting it. At the time I put in the order, there wasn't many swatches online. I just tried to grab as many as I could afford under "holo" category :)

Maybe next time I'll try it on top of black, or add the holo top coat, see if I can improve the holo effect of it. If I can, this would be an awesome silver holo.

Sorry, couldn't help it to snap a few more pics while the sun was out. My (not so pretty) claws, lol.

How was your weekend? I'm one week away from the trip to Toronto and down south. Getting anxious - I always am, whenever I have to pack. It's gonna be light packing cause Air Canada doesn't feel like giving us 2 free checked in suitcases per person anymore. I have so much shopping planned, also wanted to bring some food home. What to do? :)

Also anxious about going to vote today. I don't care much about politics, don't even know who the candidates are lol. Hope everyone has a good start of the week.


  1. I'd love to see this one layered over a silver foil.

  2. I agree with Karen, this will be awesome over a foil! :)

  3. ohhhh....
    your nails make me miss long nails.
    I had to cut mine yesterday again...
    so no long nails for awhile.

    you added a groupon widgt. didn't know they had one~ will have to look into it :)

  4. Karen and Jackie, I'll follow up with pics once I wear it again with a silver foil :)

    Rasilla, they'll grow out again :) Yep, I'm a big fan of those deal sites lol

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