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Milani 2011 Spring Preview

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I was in Lawtons browing around a month or two ago when I noticed these pretty catalogues from Milani on the counter. You all know I love collection previews, so I certainly picked one up. Time went by and the new year hit, thought I should share with you.

Please note that pictures and product information are taken from the mentioned catalogue from Milani and some products in it were already released early, I have seen some at Lawtons.

First off, the Baked Eyeshadows that you all know I love. Looks like it's gonna be the same packaging as the regular baked shadows, but with black plastic cases.

First row are 6 metallic shades: 601 Pink Twice, 602 I Heart You, 603 Blue My Mind, 604 Purrr-fect Purple, 605 Teal The Truth and 607 Rich Java.

Second row are 6 marble shades: 606 Drench in Gold, 608 Melange, 609 Mix It Up, 610 Medley, 612 Intermix and 615 Fusion.

Please click the picture for larger view, as the colour dots are really pretty, especially the marbles. These are already available end of last year, but I don't recall seeing the testers, so I can't comment on pigmentation.

You might say that MAC and lots of brands already did the marble baked eyeshadows, but I honestly don't mind Milani coming in the market as well. The more the merrier.

Next are the Baked Blushes and Bronzers.

8 shades of blushes: 01 Dolce Pink, 02 Rose D'oro, 03 Berry Amore, 04 Terra Sole, 05 Luminoso, 06 Bellissimo Bronze, 07 Fantastico Mauve and 08 Corallina - the prettiest and bold shade of all, and it's marble.

3 shades of bronzers: 04 Glow, 05 Soleil and 06 Golden, all marbles. I have not seen these at the stores.

HD Advanced Lip Colors - serum infused with radient shine and luxurious feel. Packaging is slim and sleek (with black and gold), can't say how it feels on the hands until I can actually touch it.

12 shades: 101 Romantic Rose, 102 Classy Nude, 103 Rich Caramel, 106 Lovely Rouge, 109 Modern Mauve, 111 Cotton Candy, 112 Vivacious Fuchsia, 113 Ignition, 114 Candy Apple, 116 Raspberry Blush, 117 Sweet Grape and 118 Premiere Plum.

As always, my comfort zone of colours would be in the middle range, between 111 and 116, lol. I can't pull off nude or dark shades, nothing I can do.

I think these appeared in the US already. It'd be cool to test out the finish and wear of these lipsticks to see how HD they are. Everything is in HD now, from TV to makeup, lol.

These are the Lip Flash Full Coverage Shimmer Gloss Pencils, have got quite a rave in the US for pigmented, high color coverage and moisture rich ingredients.

8 shades available:
Row 1, from L-R: 01 Lip Flash, 02 News Flash
Row 2: 03 Flash Light, 04 Photo Flash
Row 3: 05 Hot Flash, 06 Flashy
Row 4: 07 In a Flash, 08 Star Flash.

Quite a good range of colours eh? Thanks to the bf, I got my greedy hands on 2 of these, will be testing them out. I dig the lip swatches in the catalogue, look a lot better.
Lip pencils have become quite a trend lately. So far I have "collected" similar products from Quo, Gosh and Lise Watier but they are in the mid price range. Loving Milani's price better :)

Getting to nail polish, I get really excited, lol.

On the left is the One Coat Glitter Specialty Nail Lacquers with 5 shades, containing multi-sized, multi-shaped glitters. From L-R: 521 Red Sparkle, 522 Silver Dazzle, 523 Blue Flash, 524 Purple Gleam and 525 Gold Glitz.

On the right is the Jewel FX Specialty Nail Lacquers with chunky glitters - 530 Gems with multi-coloured glitters and 531 Gold with gold glitters.

Again, these have led people on quite a hunt at US drugstores. The bf got me Gems, which I wore on New Years Eve. Love!

Lastly, the Specialty Nail Treatments include:
- Smoothe Base Coat, acts as a ridge filler as well with Okoume AE and Botanical Extract of Bamboo to fight week nails
- Glosse Top Coat: quick drying, high gloss, contain UV absorbers - to protect the colour from fading - and acrylic - to provide chip resistant coating.

Don't think these treatments have been released yet.

Impressive, isn't it, the whole collection? It looks like it's gonna be a good Spring 2011 if we get these products around here. It sucks that we have to count on stores feeling generous in bringing these products in Canada for us. Milani is a great brand, so let's hope!

Which product(s) are you most interested in?